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The tread­mill belt can sup­ply re­sis­tance, and the ma­chine it­self can be used to tar­get mus­cles dif­fer­ently, Re­becca says. Al­ter­nate be­tween four-minute sets of a fast run with four min­utes of strength moves. Try this: Run, then stop the belt. Get into a plank with palms on the tread and feet on the floor. Do in­cline push-ups for 30 sec­onds (or level up by plac­ing palms on the floor and feet on the belt for decline push-ups). Next, step onto the tread­mill for 30 sec­onds of tri­ceps dips: Fac­ing away from the dash, grasp han­dles and straighten arms to lift body (bend legs be­hind you) to start; bend el­bows 90 de­grees be­hind you to lower body [shown be­low], then press up to start. The height al­lows for greater range of mo­tion, and be­cause you’re dip­ping your en­tire weight, you have more re­sis­tance than when you’re do­ing dips on the floor or a bench. (New­bies, start with dips off the back of the tread.) Then get into plank, palms on the floor and feet on the belt, and hike the hips to pull the feet to­ward you (the belt will move with you) un­til your body forms an up­side-down V. Do pikes for 30 sec­onds. Fi­nally, set the tread­mill at 1 to 2kmh and do 30 sec­onds of walk­ing lunges. Do the whole se­quence three times.

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