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In­stead of walk­ing it out or just hop­ping off the tread­mill as soon as your work­out is over, use the ma­chine for dy­namic stretches like the kind track stars do, says Jake Sch­mitt, a co­founder of Thor­ough­bred Tread­mill Stu­dio in Cal­i­for­nia. With the tread­mill set to 0.3kmh and a 1 per cent in­cline, do one minute each of walk­ing toe touches (bring left leg straight out in front of you at hip height, foot flexed; grab your left toes with your left hand and pull them to­wards you; re­peat on other side), walk­ing knee hugs, and walk­ing quad stretches (al­ter­nately bring­ing your heels to­ward your glutes, briefly grasp­ing your an­kle as you go). Bonus: Th­ese stretches mimic the way your body moves dur­ing a run, so they can help you de­velop bet­ter move­ment pat­terns and be­come a more ef­fi­cient run­ner, Jake says.

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