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• Feel­ing con­fi­dent in your skin?

• Play­ing with the kids in your life?

• Be­ing truly healthy?

• Try­ing new ac­tiv­i­ties?

• Dat­ing?

Mo­ti­va­tion is a funny thing. Take this study in the New Eng­land Jour­nal of Medicine from 2015, for ex­am­ple. It found that among smok­ers in ces­sa­tion pro­grammes, those who stood to lose $200 if they failed were twice as likely to quit the habit. Even with all the huge health ben­e­fits of quit­ting, not want­ing to give up their de­posit was ul­ti­mately what made many peo­ple able to stop smok­ing.

The point is that we have a nat­u­ral aver­sion to los­ing, and that can ac­tu­ally spur us to make the needed changes in our lives. Which brings me to you. Since much of what mo­ti­vates us is rooted in be­ing loss-averse, my ques­tion to you is this: What are you not will­ing to lose out on any­more?

No mat­ter what has kept you from fully com­mit­ting to a more healthy life, a new work­out reg­i­men, or even just more pos­i­tive self-talk, it’s time to look at things from this dif­fer­ent an­gle – con­sider th­ese the real valu­ables that you would do any­thing not to give up. It could be the $200 mo­ment that fi­nally sparks you to live on the path you be­long on.

Jen Wider­strom is a fit­ness ex­pert, life coach, and the best-sell­ing author of Diet Right for Your Per­son­al­ity Type.

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