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These train­ing zones are per­cent­ages of your max heart rate. Most bpm track­ers tally each for you.

40%–65 % Ac­tive re­cov­ery

This range en­com­passes what is known as the fat-burn­ing zone. But if you re­ally want to burn fat and lose weight, work­ing out harder will torch more to­tal calo­ries – and ul­ti­mately more fat – in less time.

65%–75% Con­di­tion­ing or en­durance zone

“You’re cre­at­ing the abil­ity to use more oxy­gen here,” David says. If you want to train your­self to run longer, get comfy at this mod­er­ate to mod­er­ately hard in­ten­sity.

75%–85% Per­for­mance zone

Ex­er­cis­ing in this vig­or­ous in­ten­sity range trains you to go harder for longer.

85%–95% High-in­ten­sity zone

Do brief spurts of 10 to 60 sec­onds here, al­ter­nat­ing with an easy pace, in the Con­di­tion­ing or Ac­tive Re­cov­ery zone, David sug­gests. Build up to do HIIT one or more days a week.

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