To sleep bet­ter, put your phone away now.

Shape (Singapore) - - November 2018 -

Com­pared to men, women are less con­cerned about ad­dress­ing sleep de­pri­va­tion and get­ting their beauty rest, ac­cord­ing to a sur­vey con­ducted by Osim Sin­ga­pore. A lack of sleep doesn’t just make you mood­ier and more for­get­ful; it also leads to lack­lus­tre skin and an in­creased risk of obe­sity. 66.5 per cent of the re­spon­dents were found to have ei­ther suf­fered a loss of ap­petite or ended up binge eat­ing when they had fewer hours of shut-eye – ei­ther way, pos­ing a threat to their health and waist­line. To doze off faster at night, try ex­er­cis­ing dur­ing the day or read­ing a book in­stead of scrolling through your so­cial me­dia feed an hour be­fore bed­time. Sip­ping on chamomile tea will re­lease ten­sion, pro­mote tran­quil thoughts and ease you into dream­land.

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