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With Christ­mas around the cor­ner, you’ll want to aunt your gure in the lat­est out ts. And, if you’re plan­ning to wear short dresses, this means mak­ing sure your legs and feet are in great con­di­tion. Af­ter all, they are sub­ject to wear and tear ev­ery day – no thanks to ac­tiv­i­ties like walk­ing, run­ning and even stand­ing.

Yes, just stand­ing puts stress on them. Your calf mus­cles make small ad­just­ments to help you main­tain bal­ance while your legs and feet sup­port your body’s weight with no rest­ing pe­riod. Things get worse when you wear high heels as your weight shifts for­ward and puts a strain on your lower back.

Wait. We’re not ask­ing you to put away your high heels or limit your move­ments. Rather, make time to pam­per those parts with these tips to help you re­fresh tired limbs af­ter a long day out.


The down­ward-fac­ing dog is one yoga pose that ef­fec­tively re­lieves tight­ness in the calves and ham­strings. Here’s how to do it: With your hands and feet on the oor, push your bot­tom up and your heels down to­wards the ground. Keep your back as straight as pos­si­ble. Hold for up to a minute and re­peat ve times.


Pre­pare two basins of wa­ter – one with warm wa­ter, the other with cold wa­ter. Sit­ting on a com­fort­able chair, place your feet in the basin of cold wa­ter for ve min­utes and then in the one with warm wa­ter for the same du­ra­tion. This helps to boost blood cir­cu­la­tion.


Lie on your back and make sure they form a 45- de­gree an­gle from the ground. Place your heels against a wall. Stay in this po­si­tion for about 15 min­utes. Sim­i­lar to the pre­vi­ous tip, this helps boost cir­cu­la­tion in the legs and feet.


Place a ten­nis or golf ball on a at sur­face and po­si­tion the arch of your foot on top of the ball. Roll your foot back and forth for in­stant re­lief.


Check out the specialised made-in­Ja­pan prod­ucts from Kyu­soku Jikan that ef­fec­tively re­duce ten­sion in your limbs. There are three prod­ucts that tar­get dif­fer­ent parts of your body, all of which are No. 1 sell­ing prod­ucts in Ja­pan.*

For aching calves, use Kyu­soku Jikan Cool­ing Leg Gel Pad ($5.60 for a box of six; UP: $7.50). These mois­ture-rich stick- ons cool your legs through the va­por­i­sa­tion of wa­ter. They are also for­mu­lated with nat­u­ral aro­matic fra­grances that soothe the senses.

For tired feet, get Kyu­soku Jikan Cool­ing Foot Gel Pad ($14.20 for a box of 12; UP: $18.95). These stim­u­late acu­pres­sure points with the help of strate­gi­cally-placed pro­tru­sions. Your feet will be en­er­gised in no time. And, like the leg gel pads, these foot pads are rich in mois­ture and for­mu­lated with nat­u­ral aro­matic fra­grances.

As for the heels, they of­ten get dry and rough, and Kyu­soku Jikan Mois­tur­iz­ing Heel Gel Pad ($14.20 for a box of eight; UP: $18.95) has in­gre­di­ents like fruit acids to re­move dead skin cells, and jo­joba oil to mois­turise. The laven­der and marigold fra­grance el­e­vates the en­tire ex­pe­ri­ence.

You’ll be pleased to know that these prod­ucts are gen­tle on the skin and easy to use. For best re­sults, ap­ply the leg and heel pads be­fore you sleep. You’ll wake up in the morn­ing with your limbs feel­ing re­freshed. No. 1 sell­ing cool­ing leg pad in Ja­pan. Based on Lion Cor­po­ra­tion Ja­pan data (cool­ing leg pad cat­e­gory value sales, Jan­uary 2013 to De­cem­ber 2016).

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