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Your helper isn’t good at iron­ing and of­ten ends up burn­ing your ex­pen­sive clothes. YOU NEED An iron with dif­fer­ent heat set­tings that are clearly in­di­cated for var­i­ous fab­rics. Bet­ter yet, in­vest in a fool­proof iron that comes with only one univer­sal heat set­ting which works for any fab­ric – with no risk of burn­ing. TRY PHILIPS PERFECTCARE EX­PERT PRES­SURISED STEAM GEN­ER­A­TOR IRON GC9245 ($799), built with Op­ti­mal Temp tech­nol­ogy, which com­bines the op­ti­mal iron­ing tem­per­a­ture and steam out­put for all fab­rics in one set­ting. This means you won’t have to switch be­tween heat set­tings – good rid­dance, iron­ing-care la­bels!

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