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too busy, so much so that we feel com­pelled to fill ev­ery pocket of time with ac­tiv­ity. It’s as if we aren’t mak­ing com­plete use of our day if we don’t plug the void – and that we are less of a suc­cess be­cause of it.

I’m like that. I fill my days with ac­tiv­ity. Even my quiet mo­ments are busy, filled with story ideas, plans, bits of writ­ing I do in my head, men­tal re­minders, per­sonal pep talks, you name it.

But I truly un­der­stood the need for just be­ing when a per­sonal set­back struck a few months ago. To cope, I did the only thing I knew – I filled my days with ac­tiv­ity. But those were only dis­trac­tions, and fleet­ing at that.

In the end, it was the lit­tle un­fore­seen mo­ments that be­came my un­do­ing. I’d be hav­ing lunch and then start crying into my sand­wich. I’d be walk­ing my daugh­ter to her school bus and big, heav­ing sobs would start. I felt frag­ile and out of con­trol.

My doc­tor told me to seek so­lace in si­lence and just let the tears flow. I fig­ured that since noth­ing else seemed to be work­ing, I’d try it. At first, the silent mo­ments were filled with heart­break. But things did get bet­ter. Some days, the tears didn’t come and I’d feel at peace. On days when I was feel­ing emo­tional, I’d let things be. It’s helped.

I’ve re­alised that you don’t have to en­counter tragedy to un­der­stand the need for si­lence. I think I’ve al­ways needed it, but was just too caught up with ev­ery­thing else to fo­cus on it. It’s ex­actly when you feel that you’re los­ing con­trol, and that life is pass­ing you by, that it be­comes even more im­por­tant to find the time to just breathe – and es­cape into your lit­tle own world.

To help you carve out more of th­ese mo­ments, we’ve put to­gether a slew of sto­ries to help you make the most of your day. On pages 20 and 34, give your out­fits and makeup an in­stant up­date with our pick of the sea­son’s loveli­est looks. To save you the trou­ble of plan­ning your fam­ily’s meals, we have a ready menu of at least three weeks’ worth of dishes (pg 102).

One of the things I find more time-con­sum­ing is shop­ping. It’s not that I don’t know what I want, it’s that I can never be sure that the shops I’m walk­ing into will have them. So don’t miss our big fea­ture on page 94 for great finds in fash­ion, beauty, kitchen es­sen­tials, kids’ toys and books.

Other sto­ries you shouldn’t miss this month: We look at the five ways peo­ple ex­press love for one an­other, and talk to women and their par­ents about which “love lan­guage” they use (pg 130). And with year-end ex­ams loom­ing, we’ve come up with sug­ges­tions on where you can take your kids so they can blow off some steam dur­ing the Septem­ber hol­i­days (pg 124). En­joy! Dress­ing up in green – one of my fave colours

(pg 20).

Wear­ing thin black eye­liner – great if you’re in a hurry (pg 34). Go­ing guilt­free – bake a healthy moon­cake

(pg 112).

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