Not in the mood? Too tired? If you’re guilty of giv­ing th­ese no-sex-tonight ex­cuses (and more), then you need to get your mojo back.

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How to get your bed­room mojo back and feel com­fort­able with your body.

• If you’re short on time…

Plan sex in ad­vance, as un­ro­man­tic as it sounds. Sched­ule it one or two days a week and start as soon as din­ner’s done and the kids are asleep.

Our reader’s tip:

“My hus­band and I call Wed­nes­day and Satur­day nights our ‘happy hour nights’. We never fail to make love on th­ese two nights, no mat­ter how busy or tired we are. Sched­ul­ing sex has forced us to re­con­nect on an in­ti­mate level – it has brought us closer and im­proved our mar­riage greatly.”

– Danni, 41, lec­turer

• If you’re not in the mood…

Take off your clothes and just lie in bed with Hubby, press­ing your bod­ies tightly to­gether. Re­search shows that a few min­utes of this will get you in the mood, as skin-on-skin con­tact re­leases pheromones – chem­i­cal signals that trig­ger de­sire.

An­other idea: Chew on liquorice, thought to mimic the ef­fects of oe­stro­gen and pro­ges­terone – crit­i­cal fe­male hor­mones for get­ting you turned on. A Chicago-based study in the late 1990s re­vealed that women who were ex­posed to the scent of liquorice had a 13 per cent hike in blood flow to their nether re­gions. But take note: Buy only those that con­tain real liquorice root ex­tract.

Our reader’s tip:

“My hus­band and I prac­tise what we call ‘naked yoga’. When we man­age to strike and main­tain a pose well, we ‘cel­e­brate’ by kissing. This usu­ally gets me pas­sion­ate enough to get naughty mid­way through the ses­sion.”

– Lily, 32,

fit­ness trainer

• IF yOu’RE tOO tIRED…

Carve out 10 min­utes each night to re­lax. Re­search shows that for women to feel aroused and ex­pe­ri­ence or­gasm, the parts of their brain linked to ex­ter­nal stres­sors must de­ac­ti­vate.

If all else fails, chomp on a ba­nana or two. Ba­nanas are a rich source of vi­ta­min B, which con­verts car­bo­hy­drates into en­ergy – so you’ll lit­er­ally have more en­ergy for mon­key busi­ness.

Ba­nanas also help your body to pro­duce sex hor­mones like testos­terone – which means that hav­ing the fruit a few hours be­fore nookie time can keep you pepped up, says Dr Hilda Hutch­er­son in her book, Plea­sure: A Woman’s Guide To Get­ting The Sex You Want, Need And De­serve ($19, Ama­ Our reader’s tip: “If I’m feel­ing ex­hausted and my hus­band in­sists, I’ll squeeze in a 10-minute power nap first. I don’t want to deny him the plea­sure, as we work long hours and barely see each other. So I ‘meet’ both our needs by rest­ing be­fore in­dulging him. It works each time.”

– Mary, 38,

ac­counts man­ager


Try strip aer­o­bics. To mas­ter the art of dis­rob­ing, pop in a DVD

of Bay­watch babe Car­men Elec­tra’s Aer­o­bic Strip­tease – In The Bed­room ($16.45, Ama­, which is part of her fit­ness col­lec­tion se­ries. Your new moves are guar­an­teed to be a sight for Hubby’s sore eyes. Our reader’s tip: “I picked up belly danc­ing to lose weight and jazz up my love life. I thought the slinky moves and shim­mies would help me se­duce my hus­band bet­ter. And they did. Now, we are think­ing of sign­ing up for salsa as a cou­ple – I hear those moves are raunchier!” – Lena, 36, civil ser­vant


Slip on some­thing that makes you feel sexy all over. This can have a pos­i­tive ef­fect on your con­fi­dence, es­pe­cially when you tune in to how much he’s ad­mir­ing ng your body. Our reader’s tip: “I have a go-to night­gown that I put on each time my in­se­cu­ri­ties set in. It hugs my curves and boosts my cleav­age, so I feel like a vixen when­ever I put it on. My worries about my dim­pled thighs, sag­ging tummy y or flabby arms just dis­ap­pear.” – Laura, 42, lawyer


All the more rea­son to make love. Re­search has shown that sat­is­fy­ing sex can chase away a nig­gling mi­graine – sci­en­tists be­lieve it is 10 times more ef­fec­tive than painkillers.

But it can’t be just-lie-there sex – you need to get re­ally in­volved in the hor­i­zon­tal tango (bet­ter still, hit your cli­max) to trig­ger the re­lease of en­dor­phins, the body’s nat­u­ral pain re­liever.

If you’d rather al­le­vi­ate that headache first, down a palm­ful of al­monds – they con­tain mag­ne­sium, which helps to re­lax con­stricted blood ves­sels (a cause of headaches) and im­prove blood flow. Our reader’s tip: “There’s some truth to how sex can cure a headache. My mi­graine dis­ap­peared halfway through in­ter­course with my hus­band. I also read that sex may al­le­vi­ate a flu as it builds up an­ti­bod­ies, boost­ing im­mu­nity. My hus­band jokes that when­ever I get the snif­fles, it’s time to meet the love doc­tor – him.” – Myra, 29, graphic artist

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