How do you keep mozzies at bay? SA­MAN­THA ANN YOUNG finds out.

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Keep those pesky mos­qui­toes at bay.

For re­pelling mos­qui­toes, elec­tric va­por­is­ing de­vices that re­lease re­pel­lents through smoke or heat, as well as mos­quito coils, are more ef­fec­tive than de­vices that use ul­tra­sonic and elec­tro­mag­netic waves, says the National En­vi­ron­ment Agency.

WHAT WORKS Mos­quito coil

HOW IT WORKS A lit mos­quito coil – which can smoul­der for up to eight hours – re­leases in­sec­ti­cide smoke into the air to re­pel mos­qui­toes. AREA OF COV­ER­AGE A 7m ra­dius around the coil in a closed room, ac­cord­ing to a study by Mahi­dol Univer­sity in Thai­land. US­ING IT The Thai study found that the coil should be lit for at least an hour for it to be most ef­fec­tive. How­ever, a 2003 study on the health im­pli­ca­tions of mos­quito coils, by re­searchers from the US and Malaysia, found that coil smoke con­tains ul­tra-fine par­ti­cles that could be harm­ful to health. To avoid in­hal­ing the smoke, it’s prob­a­bly best to leave it to burn in your bed­room to get rid of any mos­qui­toes, then douse it be­fore you en­ter the room. BUY IT Bay­gon Mos­quito Coil, 76 cents, from ma­jor supermarkets.

Elec­tric liq­uid va­por­iser

HOW IT WORKS An elec­tric heater va­por­ises in­sec­ti­cide from a bot­tle. The liq­uid in­sec­ti­cide may last about a month when used eight to 10 hours a day. AREA OF COV­ER­AGE One va­por­iser can usu­ally cover a room with an area of up to 10 sq m (the size of a small bed­room). US­ING IT The Hong Kong Agri­cul­ture, Fish­eries and Con­ser­va­tion Depart­ment rec­om­mends us­ing it with win­dows slightly open. BUY IT Bay­gon Liq­uid Elec­tric Re­peller, $6.40, from ma­jor supermarkets.

WHAT MIGHT WORK Mos­quito-elim­i­nat­ing de­vice that emits heat and car­bon diox­ide

HOW IT WORKS Such de­vices lure mozzies by emit­ting heat, car­bon diox­ide and a UV black light. A suc­tion fan then sucks the in­sects into a cage where they are left to die. AREA OF COV­ER­AGE Ranges from 15 sq m to 200 sq m – from an HDB flat bed­room to two five-room flats. US­ING IT Place it 1m to 1.2m above the ground, sug­gests Zarah Lee, busi­ness de­vel­op­ment man­ager of Olee In­ter­na­tional, the dis­trib­u­tor of Pest-Stop, a brand of pest-con­trol prod­ucts. “That’s the op­ti­mum fly­ing height of mos­qui­toes,” she says. Use one for each room – in the mid­dle, if you can, to in­crease the pos­si­bil­ity that mos­qui­toes will fly across it and get sucked into the ma­chine. BUY IT Pest-Stop Pho­to­cat­a­lyst Mozzie Mag­net, $89.90 to $129.90, from Home-Fix and Self­fix.

WHAT DOESN’T WORK Pest-re­pelling de­vice that uses ul­tra­sonic and elec­tro­mag­netic waves

WHY NOT? Th­ese de­vices are more suit­able for re­pelling creepy-crawlies such as ants, cock­roaches and lizards.

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