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Cal­cium, along with pro­tein and vitamin D, is es­sen­tial for healthy bones. With­out it, your risk of brit­tle bone disease or os­teo­poro­sis in­creases, mak­ing you prone to frac­tures and breaks. Os­teo­poro­sis af­fects both men and women, but is es­pe­cially com­mon in post­menopausal women due to a de­cline in the fe­male hor­mone, oe­stro­gen, which pro­tects bones.

Up un­til your teenage years, the skeleton gets rid of old bone and builds new bone to re­place it. Bone den­sity peaks at age 20 – and the de­cline be­gins af­ter. As you age, you lose more bone than is formed. To pre­vent bone loss and thin­ning, you need to con­sume cal­cium-rich foods.

When cal­cium is lack­ing, the min­eral is taken from the bones to re­plen­ish cal­cium stores in other parts of the body, re­sult­ing in bone loss. You also lose cal­cium daily through ex­cre­tion and per­spi­ra­tion.

But don’t for­get: Cal­cium also pre­vents heart­burn and pre­men­strual syn­drome, and helps keep the nerves, mus­cles, kid­neys and heart healthy.

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