Teatime Treats

Throw a party with this mini tea­cake maker that churns out bite-sized de­lights.

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VERDICT “An easy-to-use ma­chine that makes pretty tea­cakes in a jiffy. Great for mak­ing party or af­ter­noon snacks!”

– Sa­man­tha


The Mayer Mini Tea­cake Maker is an ap­pli­ance the size of a sand­wich maker. It bakes eight pe­tite cakes in moulds of dif­fer­ent shapes, in less than two min­utes. In­cluded in its in­struc­tion book­let are five tea­cake recipes, in­clud­ing red vel­vet, choco­late hazel­nut and car­rot apri­cot, as well as frost­ing and glaze recipes.


It took just five min­utes to pre­heat the ap­pli­ance, be­fore an in­di­ca­tor with a green light went off. I greased the moulds and filled them with bat­ter us­ing Betty Crocker Cake Mix, which yielded 32 mini cakes. I had to work fast – the first cakes rose quickly. Af­ter sev­eral tries, I cooked my best batch of mini cakes in 1 min­utes.


1. The cakes were well baked, with a tex­ture sim­i­lar to those made in a con­ven­tional oven. 2. The heat level is fixed – there are no tem­per­a­ture set­tings to fid­dle with. 3. The cakes had in­tri­cate pat­terns on top. Very pretty! 4. Re­mov­ing the cakes from the moulds was easy – I used a fork. I didn’t have to grease the moulds be­fore each batch.


1. There was noth­ing to in­di­cate when the mini cakes were ready, so it took a bit of trial and er­ror to de­ter­mine the op­ti­mal tim­ing. 2. The ap­pli­ance didn’t heat evenly, and the bat­ter in the moulds fur­thest away from the han­dle took a longer time to bake. 3. The han­dles were hot to the touch – I had to use a kitchen towel to open and close the lid. 4. The moulds are not re­mov­able or wash­able – I just wiped them down with a damp cloth.

Mayer Mini Tea­cake Maker,

$79.90, from Mayer

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