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We love the aroma of toasted bread – any time of the day. And it tastes so good, too! tests LIM TSIAO HUI th­ese new pop-up toast­ers.

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1 RUS­SELL HOBBS COT­TAGE TOASTER $99.90, from Tangs and Courts DI­MEN­SIONS 29 x 20 x 16cm. Cord length: 58cm THE TOAST One of the slots left nice toast lines on the bread. The edges of the toast were crispier – good if you like crunchy sides. CON­TROLS There are four but­tons on the side, and the ones to the right of the lever – to de­frost and re­heat – were harder to reach than the other two (to stop toast­ing and to heat up bagels) when the toaster was placed against the wall. Oth­er­wise, the heat-set­ting knob and lever are ac­ces­si­ble. BREAD SLOTS It has two 13cm slots that hold 2.5cm-thick coun­try loaf slices. It gave me a thrill to see how the toast lit­er­ally jumped out of the slots, with­out fall­ing onto the ta­ble. EX­TRAS A de­tach­able bun warmer. VERDICT A ver­sa­tile toaster that did the job. 7.5

2 KEN­WOOD TTM104 $129, from ma­jor depart­ment and elec­tri­cal stores

DI­MEN­SIONS 30 x 20 x 15cm. Cord length: 60cm

THE TOAST The edges and cen­tre were the most toasted but the bread was still nicely crisp.

CON­TROLS The large knob by the toaster’s side was easy to use. There are only two but­tons – one to stop toast­ing and the other for toast­ing a sin­gle slice of bread.

BREAD SLOTS It has the broad­est bread slots, to take 3cm-thick coun­try loaf slices eas­ily; the other toast­ers held 2.5cm slices only.

EX­TRAS A great en­ergy-sav­ing ones­lot toast­ing func­tion – the other slot doesn’t heat up.

VERDICT Sim­plic­ity in a sleek pack­age, with wide slots and a unique en­er­gysav­ing fea­ture. 8

3 TEFAL TOAST N’ EGG $69.90, from ma­jor depart­ment and elec­tri­cal stores DI­MEN­SIONS 37 x 20 x 16cm. Cord length: 83cm

THE TOAST Sand­wich bread had nice grill lines, but the heat got more in­tense af­ter ev­ery batch, char­ring my soft, tra­di­tional bread even at the low­est set­ting. Best to rest it for a minute or so be­tween toast­ing.

CON­TROLS All four but­tons (to toast, to toast and cook eggs, to cook eggs, and to stop the toast­ing/ cook­ing), the heat-set­ting knob and the lever are in front, to make space for an at­tach­ment on the right of the ap­pli­ance for cook­ing eggs.

BREAD SLOTS They are 13.5cm long and take 2.5cm-thick coun­try loaf slices.

EX­TRAS A bowl-shaped at­tach­ment lets you cook hard- or soft-boiled eggs. It comes with a beaker (to mea­sure the wa­ter for cook­ing the eggs) with a small spike to pierce a hole in the eggs be­fore cook­ing them in the ma­chine.

VERDICT A multi-func­tional toaster that makes a big break­fast, but it loses points for its toast­ing in­con­sis­tency. 7

4 BOSCH PRI­VATE COL­LEC­TION TAT6801 $99, from ma­jor depart­ment and elec­tri­cal stores DI­MEN­SIONS 45 x 22 x 12cm. Cord

length: 1m

THE TOAST At heat set­tings two and three, one side of the bread was more browned, but both slices were well­crisped. At the low­est heat set­ting, the bread was still soft; it was charred at the high­est set­ting.

CON­TROLS Well de­signed. The heat­set­ting knob has in­dents, which make us­ing it a breeze. The two but­tons at the front (to stop toast­ing and toast frozen bread) are easy to ac­cess.

BREAD SLOTS It’s the only one with a sin­gle 25cm by 2.5cm slot that can hold a slice of tra­di­tional bread hor­i­zon­tally, or two slices of sand­wich bread.

EX­TRAS An at­tached bun­warmer rack.

VERDICT Sleek, er­gonomic and easy to use – this is the Rolls Royce of toast­ers if you have the counter space to park it. 8.5

5 ELEC­TROLUX EASYSENSE ETS3200R $49, from ma­jor depart­ment and elec­tri­cal stores DI­MEN­SIONS 33 x 19 x 16cm. Cord length: 75cm THE TOAST It gave evenly toasted slices all the time – through five batches of bread. CON­TROLS The but­tons – to de­frost, re­heat and stop – sit on the rounded bend of the toaster and are easy to reach. On the heat-set­ting knob, an icon un­der the num­ber “2” in­di­cates the rec­om­mended set­ting for warm­ing up buns – the only toaster with this sim­ple but use­ful guide. BREAD SLOTS The two 13cm-long slots took coun­try loaf slices of up to 2.5cm thick. EX­TRAS An at­tached bun-warmer rack and a lid to cover the bread slots when the toaster is off. This toaster was the only one that did not feel hot when in use. VERDICT Re­li­able and con­sis­tent, it’s stylish look­ing and cool to the touch. 8


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