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Slow juicers ex­tract more juice and re­tain nu­tri­ents bet­ter than reg­u­lar ones. RACHEL XIE made ap­ple, car­rot, orange and spinach juices with th­ese three new ma­chines.

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Hurom Slow Juicer HU500 $798, from www.slowjuicersin­ga­, tel: 8428-0023 PER­FOR­MANCE I did not have to use the pusher to get my fruit and greens into ei­ther this juicer or the Omega Vert. But it yielded about 15 per cent less juice than the Omega gad­get when I used the same amount of fruit for each ma­chine – I later found small pieces of un­crushed fruit on the auger. Oth­er­wise, the resid­ual pulp was dry. Like the other ma­chines, the juice had bits of crushed pulp in it. US­ING IT Its easy-to-as­sem­ble parts clicked into place eas­ily. It was also easy to wash – I only had to flush out the pulp with wa­ter. AC­CES­SORIES Like the Omega juicer, it comes with a coarse strainer, a fine strainer, two pitch­ers for pulp and juice, and a clean­ing brush. VERDICT As easy to use as the Omega juicer, al­though it needs slightly more fruit to pro­duce the same amount of juice. 8

Omega Vert VRT420HDS Juicer $699, from Frunatic PER­FOR­MANCE I could pop in spinach leaves, and chunks of ap­ple, orange and car­rot with­out us­ing the pusher. With the coarse strainer, my ap­ple, car­rot and orange juices had wisps of pulp in them; the fine strainer re­duced the amount of pulp. Both strain­ers left my spinach juice with tiny par­ti­cles in it. All pulp fil­tered out was dry. US­ING IT It comes as­sem­bled, but I could eas­ily take it apart to wash and quickly re­assem­ble it af­ter that. Postjuic­ing clean­ing was a breeze – any pulp stuck in the spouts could be flushed out with wa­ter. AC­CES­SORIES Iden­ti­cal in de­sign to the Hurom juicer, this gad­get comes with a coarse strainer, a fine strainer, two pitch­ers to col­lect pulp and juice, a strain­ing dish to put over the juice pitcher, and a clean­ing brush. VERDICT Ex­tracts juice from both fruit and veg­gies re­ally well, plus it’s easy to as­sem­ble, use and clean. 9

Mis­tral Naturai SJ-10 $399, from Mayer PER­FOR­MANCE I had to use the pusher a cou­ple of times to get ap­ple wedges through the mouth of this juicer, which was nar­rower than those of the other two. But car­rots, or­anges and spinach leaves went in eas­ily. The auger op­er­ates at a higher speed (85 rev­o­lu­tions a minute) than the oth­ers (80 rev­o­lu­tions a minute), but the resid­ual pulp was a tad more moist. It yielded about the same amount of juice as the Hurom ma­chine, us­ing the same num­ber of fruits. There were bits of pulp in the juice, like with the other juicers. US­ING IT The parts were easy to as­sem­ble, dis­as­sem­ble and wash, ex­cept for the food chute (the top­most part), which took some tug­ging to de­tach from and reat­tach to the juic­ing bowl. AC­CES­SORIES One strainer, one pitcher for pulp, and a clean­ing brush. VERDICT A pocket-friendly choice, al­though it’s harder to take apart and put to­gether. 7

KEEP IT FRESH Drink fresh juice right away – ex­po­sure to air changes its taste and causes ox­i­da­tion, which de­stroys nu­tri­ents. If you ab­so­lutely must, store the juice in small, air­tight glass con­tain­ers, leav­ing as lit­tle air space as pos­si­ble, for no more than 24 hours.

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