What th­ese other prod­ucts from the Jyunka range can do for you:

Simply Her (Singapore) - - Jyunka Special -

Boost skin re­gen­er­a­tion

Boto Caviar Serum ( 30ml) con­tains acetyl hexapep­tide 8 to plump up fine lines. It also has aca­cia col­la­gen and sodium hyaluronate to soften and hy­drate. The nu­tri­ents of the caviar pen­e­trate the lay­ers of your skin to cre­ate sup­ple­ness and full­ness.

Hy­drate skin

Hyalu­vi­tal Cream ( 50ml), which con­tains caviar as well as sodium hyaluronate, pro­vides the hy­dra­tion your skin de­sires with­out leav­ing it sticky. In our hot and hu­mid cli­mate, skin can eas­ily lose es­sen­tial mois­ture, but with this cream, you’ve got all your bases cov­ered.

Ex­fo­li­ate skin

The Epi­der­mal Treat­ment Kit, which in­cludes an Epi­der­mal Peel and Epi­der­mal Lo­tion, com­bats black­heads, dull skin and hy­per­pig­men­ta­tion. The deep-peel treat­ment works on the su­per­fi­cial epi­der­mal layer and also stim­u­lates the re­gen­er­a­tive cells in the basal layer of the epi­der­mis.

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