Hal­loween is a great ex­cuse to make this cute school bus with your kids, us­ing re­cy­cled ma­te­ri­als.

Simply Her (Singapore) - - Cover Reads - BY SA­MAN­THA ANN YOUNG

An easy Hal­loween cos­tume to make for your child.

Yel­low School Bus

WHAT YOU NEED 1 card­board box Tape Spray glue Penknife 3 pieces of A2 yel­low pa­per 2m of string, cut in half 4 orange cir­cles (each 6cm in di­am­e­ter), for lights 2 red cir­cles (each 6cm in di­am­e­ter), for lights Blue con­struc­tion pa­per, for win­dows and sign 5 pa­per plates, 1 for steer­ing wheel and 4 for wheels

DI­REC­TIONS 1 On the un­der­side of the box, fold the shorter flaps in and the longer flaps over them. Tape them into place. 2 Glue the shorter flaps down and cut away the area where the shorter flaps don’t touch the longer ones. 3 On the up­per side of the box, cut away the longer flaps and one shorter flap. 4 On the re­main­ing flap, run your pen knife in a straight line 5cm from the box edge to make a slit. Bend the flap at the slit so that it forms an an­gle. Glue it in place. 5 Wrap the yel­low pa­per around the box. 6 In­side the box, punch 4 holes, one at each cor­ner of the open­ing at the un­der­side of the box. 7 Thread the string through the holes and se­cure with knots to pre­vent it from slip­ping through. 8 Dec­o­rate with the blue, orange and red pa­per and the pa­per plates.









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