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Lac­tose in­tol­er­ance is the in­abil­ity to break down lac­tose, a nat­u­ral su­gar in dairy prod­ucts. It’s caused by a de­fi­ciency in the lac­tase en­zyme and shows up as di­ar­rhoea, ex­cess gas and bloat­ing. Sheeba says that the con­di­tion is more com­mon in Asians than in Euro­peans be­cause dairy prod­ucts are still rel­a­tively new foods to us.

Ardyce rec­om­mends drink­ing lac­tose-free milk or tak­ing a lac­tase en­zyme sup­ple­ment when con­sum­ing dairy prod­ucts, so you don’t suf­fer the symp­toms.

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