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1 LOSE WEIGHT. Weight loss of 10 per cent or more can re­duce snoring, by re­duc­ing fatty throat de­posits.

2 AVOID SLEEP­ING PILLS, SEDA­TIVES AND AL­CO­HOL FOUR HOURS BE­FORE BED­TIME. Th­ese re­lax the mus­cles of the soft palate, which in­creases snoring.

3 USE A FIRM MATTRESS AND LOW PIL­LOW. This keeps the neck straight, so the air­way is not ob­structed, says Dr Derek S. Lip­man, an ear, nose and throat spe­cial­ist who wrote Snoring from A to Zzzz.

4 SLEEP ON YOUR SIDE. This is less of a “snore-prone” po­si­tion than ly­ing on your back. If you have trou­ble do­ing it, try sew­ing a ten­nis ball into the back of your py­ja­mas.

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