You com­plete me

Simply Her (Singapore) - - Relative Values -

See how Melody and Ran­dall fared in this “fin­ish-the-sen­tence” game we got them to play. “When I look into your eyes…”

RAN­DALL: … I see a slow loris – it’s be­cause of her large, bright eyes!

MELODY: … I feel jeal­ous. His eyes are so youth­ful. He never looks tired no mat­ter how late he sleeps. And mine are start­ing to show a blue ring (ar­cus of the cornea) now.

“Be­ing with you is…”

RAN­DALL: … al­ways a sur­prise.

MELODY: … a wel­come pain in the ar**. (Laughs)

“In 10 years’ time, we will be…”

RAN­DALL: … still to­gether.

MELODY: … run­ning af­ter our kids.

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