See­ing is be­liev­ing

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I watched as she sat next to Fred and leaned in for a kiss. My eyes widened in dis­be­lief as my hus­band kissed her back on the lips. My heart sank as I watched them gaze lov­ingly into each other’s eyes.

Not know­ing what to do af­ter catch­ing my hus­band shar­ing an in­ti­mate mo­ment with another woman, I quickly looked for a place to hide. I stepped be­hind a big tree, try­ing not to hy­per­ven­ti­late as I tried to work out what I had just seen.

Was the woman one of Fred’s many friends, I won­dered? But no mat­ter how much I tried to ra­tio­nalise what I’d seen, it came back to one thing – judg­ing from the in­ti­mate way Fred and the woman were be­hav­ing, they must be lovers. I should know – I’d been mar­ried to Fred for 12 years and that look he gave the woman was the same one he used to give me in our ‘hon­ey­moon’ years.

My eyes started to burn – I didn’t re­alise I had been cry­ing. At a loss as to what to do, I con­tem­plated pack­ing my bags and ying home. Then I felt in­dig­nant. Why should I beat a hasty re­treat? It was bad enough that I was cow­er­ing be­hind a tree as if I was the one with some­thing to hide. Af­ter about half an hour, I de­cided I needed to nd out what was go­ing on.

Tak­ing a deep breath, I marched across the road into the cafe and over to Fred’s ta­ble. He turned pale when he saw me. I’d wanted to stay calm but my anger got the bet­ter of me – I slapped him and de­manded to know who the woman was.

Rub­bing his cheek, Fred pulled me aside and asked me to re­turn to the ho­tel. He said it was all a big mis­un­der­stand­ing and that he would ex­plain ev­ery­thing later. I be­came hys­ter­i­cal and de­manded that he tell me ev­ery­thing there and then, or I would kick up an even big­ger fuss for all to see.

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