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1 MOST RE­FRESH­ING KITCHEN CLEANER Mag­i­clean Kitchen Cleaner $4.60, from ma­jor su­per­mar­kets This no-rinse cleaner left coun­ter­tops and hobs fresh and squeaky-clean to the touch. 2 MOST TIME-SAV­ING BATH­ROOM CLEANER Mr Mus­cle Bath­room Cleaner $3.80, from ma­jor su­per­mar­kets Foam is fun, but not when you need to waste co­pi­ous amounts of wa­ter – and time – wash­ing it off. This de­ter­gent cre­ated the fewest bub­bles, but cleaned well, and was easy to wipe or rinse off.

3 FRESH­EST-SMELLING TOI­LET CLEANER Harpic Ac­tive Clean­ing Gel Wild Flow­ers $3.10, from ma­jor su­per­mar­kets Its light and flo­ral fra­grance didn’t have an over­whelm­ing clin­i­cal smell – so pleas­ant!

4 BEST ALL-PUR­POSE DE­TER­GENT Det­tol Multi Ac­tion Cleaner $5.70, from ma­jor su­per­mar­kets Top marks for ver­sa­til­ity. This re­moved grease and stains from floors, coun­ter­tops and even mir­rors eas­ily – and equally well. 5 FRESH­EST-SMELLING BATH­ROOM CLEANER Cif Bath­room Cleaner $4.50, from ma­jor su­per­mar­kets There was noth­ing ar­ti­fi­cial about the scent – we loved the lin­ger­ing pow­dery fra­grance that scented the bath­room.

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