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It mi­crowaves, bakes, grills and crisps food with less oil. LIM TSIAO HUI cooks with it to see if this jack of all trades de­liv­ers.

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The 32-litre ma­chine is a mi­crowave oven that de­frosts, bakes, grills and more. It has so many func­tions that my man­ual was in tat­ters af­ter two cook­ing ses­sions. It mi­crowaves and grills at the same time; mi­crowaves and bakes at the same time; de­frosts, mi­crowaves then grills, in or­der. It has 25 pre­set Smart Cook modes – to warm or cook spe­cific foods like milk, chilled soups, frozen mar­i­nated chicken, pop­corn, broc­coli and muffins. Plus, 10 pre­set Slim Fry modes to cook French fries (frozen and home­made), frozen spring rolls and chicken – all with min­i­mal oil.


It de­frosted and heated food like any mi­crowave oven but here’s how it cooked: FROZEN FRENCH FRIES Turned out crisp but dry. FROZEN MINI PIZZA Had a nice browned top and a crisp crust. CHICKEN THIGHS Moist and ten­der in un­der 10 min­utes, al­though the skin wasn’t crispy. HOME­MADE PO­TATO WEDGES. Un­evenly cooked, and not crispy. CHOCO­LATE CAKE AND COOK­IES As good as if I’d used a reg­u­lar oven but took twice as long to bake. It’s also lim­ited by size – no bak­ing pans larger than 30cm. I could fit 15 small cook­ies or 8 large ones on the 30cm plate that comes with the oven. BROC­COLI I cooked it cov­ered, in a bowl of wa­ter, and it was nice and crunchy. But it took longer than the pre­set two min­utes to get done.


• The ba­sic func­tions – mi­crowave, grill, bake and its pre­set pro­grammes were the most use­ful. • You won’t over­cook food in the pre­set modes – cook­ing stops when the ma­chine “senses” that food is done. Al­though, there were times when I needed to ex­tend the tim­ing, to get my meats more browned, or fries more crispy.


• You can roast meat, make pies and cook eggs in the mi­crowave­con­vec­tion combi mode but I couldn’t see how it was dif­fer­ent from us­ing the ded­i­cated func­tions. • It irked me that I needed to key in the weight of in­gre­di­ents in the pre­set modes – I could only guess. • The oven shud­dered ev­ery time I opened the door!

VERDICT “It works best as a mi­crowave oven, but can bake sim­ple good­ies slowly. The many func­tions can be con­fus­ing – and time-con­sum­ing – to fig­ure out.”

– Tsiao Hui

Sam­sung Smart Oven (MC32F606), $649, from ma­jor elec­tri­cal stores

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