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Un­der the guid­ance of Amelia Er, in­struc­tor at Yo­gabugs Sin­ga­pore, Yann Yann, who used to prac­tise yoga, re­turns to the mat.

LOOS­EN­ING UP To help Vera re­lax, Amelia plays a soothing chil­dren’s track and brings out some toys. Then the track switches to the cheery Head, Shoul­ders, Knees and Toes. Amelia shows Yann Yann poses for the song. She, in turn, helps Vera to reach the dif­fer­ent parts of her body.


As part of the jun­gle ad­ven­ture theme, Yann Yann and Vera imi­tate an­i­mal ac­tions. They lie on their bel­lies – like snakes – for a spinal stretch. Amelia en­cour­ages them to make hiss­ing noises, as it al­lows ba­bies to ex­er­cise their fa­cial mus­cles and vo­cal cords.


Yann Yann gets into the down­ward dog pose – palms and feet on the floor and hips lifted up so she re­sem­bles an in­verted V. But Vera, who’s sup­posed to lie on her back, de­cides to stand up and flash a cheeky smile.


Call­ing this the “Fly­ing Bird” pose, Amelia gets Yann Yann to lie on her back and lift her legs 90 de­grees, be­fore prop­ping Vera on her shins. “Vera loves be­ing up in the air – I’ve been do­ing this with her since she was a few months old. I al­ways say, ‘ Vera, you’re a but­ter­fly!’ And she’ll gur­gle at me hap­pily,” laughs Yann Yann.


To­wards the end of the ses­sion, Vera be­comes cranky and starts whim­per­ing, so Yann Yann hoists her onto her shoul­ders. Amelia then asks Yann Yann to per­form squats with Vera there. “Yann Yann can calm Vera down and get a work­out while do­ing this,” says Amelia.

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