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If you ask

any woman if she loves her body, she’s likely to say no. Tol­er­ate it, along with its per­ceived flaws, per­haps. But love it? I don’t know any woman who doesn’t have at least some body is­sues.

I, for one, would love to have longer legs and slim­mer hips to bal­ance all my curvy parts. But I’m care­ful to keep th­ese thoughts to my­self when I’m around my kids. I don’t want to trans­fer my hang-ups to them, es­pe­cially my two daugh­ters, Claire and Maddy.

At eight and four years old re­spec­tively, they haven’t de­vel­oped body is­sues yet, al­though I know it’s only in­evitable as they grow older, and be­come in­flu­enced by what they see and read.

It’s an up­hill strug­gle for a mum. I want my kids to grow up know­ing how to take care of their health – be­ing able to iden­tify nu­tri­tious food and be­ing ac­tive. I don’t want them to ob­sess over the way they look. I get up­set when­ever peo­ple, strangers in­cluded, tell my el­dest daugh­ter Claire that she’s so tiny for her age. I bris­tle when I’m “ad­vised” that it’s all right for me to feed her more junk food so she can “get up to size”. Se­ri­ously?

Claire is young enough not to let it bother her, In fact, she proudly pro­claims that she is a semi-pescatar­ian – with the ex­cep­tion of chicken wings, she’ll choose fish over meat any­time, and she loves veg­eta­bles and fruit. But in a few years, she’ll hit her tweens and then, who knows what will bother her about her body?

It’s not just my daugh­ters. It’s also im­por­tant for my son Fran­cis, now twoand-a-half years old, to learn that looks aren’t ev­ery­thing.

For me, lov­ing your body doesn’t have to mean lik­ing all things phys­i­cal about it. It means re­spect­ing your body and tak­ing good care of it, from what you eat to your health.

That’s what we’re fo­cus­ing on, in our story on page 60. We’ve asked women what they love about their bod­ies (I love how un­ex­pected the an­swers are!), and brought you a range of new and fun work­outs to keep fit with, plus beauty ed­i­tor Si­mone’s cu­rated list of gor­geous body washes and creams.

Other sto­ries to tear out and keep this is­sue: ro­man­tic des­ti­na­tions for a sec­ond hon­ey­moon (pg 90), eat­ing by colour for a healthy heart (pg 86), and read­ers share where they take their par­ents for a nice meal (pg 132). You’ll also love the por­ridge recipes on page 106 – no cen­tury egg or chicken con­gee in sight. Think lob­ster con­gee, brown rice con­gee with clams, and more. En­joy the sea­son of love with Hubby!

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