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Power Fit Pro­gramme (A com­bi­na­tion of Pow­er­slim Im­pact, $318.90 for a 75min ses­sion, Pow­er­slim Boost, $126.30 for a 45min ses­sion, and Per­fect Con­tour Mas­sage, $286.80 for 90min/$211.90 for 60min) The Spa Ar­ti­san, Mez­za­nine Floor, The Fuller­ton Ho­tel Sin­ga­pore, tel: 6423-1382. www.thes­paar­ti­ WE LOST 1.7kg and 3.5 per cent of body fat af­ter 12 ses­sions of Pow­er­slim Im­pact, 12 ses­sions of Pow­er­slim Boost, and six ses­sions of Per­fect Con­tour Mas­sage, done over six weeks. WHAT Af­ter a body com­po­si­tion mea­sure­ment, a per­son­alised plan that com­bines the Pow­er­slim Im­pact, Pow­er­slim Boost and Per­fect Con­tour Mas­sage is cre­ated for you.

Dur­ing the Pow­er­slim Im­pact ses­sion, a cream is ap­plied all over as you lie on a treat­ment bed co­cooned in a shell. The shell emits ionised air to im­prove your breath­ing and boost the body’s nat­u­ral re­gen­er­a­tion abil­i­ties, as well as in­frared en­ergy to im­prove meta­bolic pro­cesses, burn calo­ries, boost blood cir­cu­la­tion, elim­i­nate mus­cle ten­sion and re­vi­talise skin. Elec­trodes are placed over ar­eas with stub­born fat to de­liver elec­tri­cal pulses that cause the mus­cles to con­tract. Our tester no­ticed that her skin was firmer and smoother, and she slept more soundly that night.

The Pow­er­slim Boost height­ens the ben­e­fits of a work­out. As you ex­er­cise on a cross-trainer, in­frared en­ergy and ionised air are de­liv­ered to you to en­hance me­tab­o­lism and the calo­rie-burn­ing process. Our tester felt more en­er­gised, rather than tired, af­ter ev­ery ses­sion.

Ei­ther a con­tour­ing ther­mal or an­ti­cel­lulite cold am­poule is ap­plied be­fore the Per­fect Con­tour Mas­sage. This en­joy­able full body mas­sage is cus­tomised – the ther­a­pist fo­cused on our tester’s ab­domen and arms, us­ing dif­fer­ent tech­niques like slid­ing, knead­ing, tap­ping and pinch­ing.

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