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Serves 4


800g pig liver, thickly sliced 4 tsp salt 1 tsp se­same oil A dash of white pep­per 2 tsp light soya sauce 1 tsp su­gar For the con­gee: 300g rice, washed and drained 1 tbsp veg­etable oil 4.5 litres wa­ter


1 Rub the pig liver with 3 tsp salt and rinse it clean. Drain and sea­son with the re­main­ing 1 tsp salt, se­same oil, pep­per, light soya sauce and su­gar. Set aside for 15min. 2 Coat the rice with veg­etable oil so that the con­gee will be smooth when cooked. 3 In a pot, bring the wa­ter to the boil over high heat, then add the rice. This en­sures that the rice will not stick to the pot. 4 Bring the wa­ter to the boil again, then turn the heat down to low and let the con­gee sim­mer for 90min, par­tially cov­ered. Stir oc­ca­sion­ally for the last 15min to pre­vent the con­gee from stick­ing to the pot. 5 Bring the con­gee to the boil, add the liver and cook for 3min over low heat, stir­ring oc­ca­sion­ally.

{ Chef’s Tip } When buy­ing pig liver, ask for the part with less ten­dons – it’s more ten­der and less

chewy when cooked.

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