THE BEST Flab Fight­ers

Lose inches and ki­los af­ter all the fes­tive eat­ing – with our Smart Shop­per Slim­ming Awards 2014 win­ners. Th­ese are the best non-in­va­sive body-con­tour­ing and slim­ming treat­ments, each tested by the Sim­ply Her team for four to six weeks.

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Best All-over Slim­ming Treat­ment

Mag­i­cal Stone Slim­ming Treat­ment ($698 for three ses­sions of 70min each) Ab­so­lute Well­ness, #01-780, 80 Ma­rine Pa­rade Cen­tral, tel: 6348- 8969. WE LOST 4.9kg and 27.7 inches all over af­ter 10 ses­sions, done over five weeks. WHAT The ther­a­pist ap­plies fin­ger pres­sure on the merid­ian points, as well as mas­sages the points with a mag­netic ion­is­ing bead to pro­mote cir­cu­la­tion. This helps to break down fat de­posits and im­prove toxin re­moval. Next comes the herbal wrap, where mi­crocur­rents are de­liv­ered to boost fat burn­ing.

The merid­ian mas­sage felt painful at the fatty ar­eas and left our tester with some bruises, which went away af­ter a few days.

Best Lunchtime Body Shaper

Speed­slim ($184 for a 30min ses­sion) Skin Inc, #B3- 43 Ion Or­chard, tel: 6222-7428. WE LOST Three inches from the waist and tummy af­ter 18 ses­sions, done over six weeks. WHAT A serum con­tain­ing plant ex­tracts is first mas­saged into the slim­ming area, to help re­duce cel­lulite, im­prove cir­cu­la­tion, speed up detox­i­fi­ca­tion, and firm up skin. Spe­cial heat­ing pads that de­liver in­frared and low-fre­quency waves are then strapped on – the heat and vi­bra­tions pro­mote blood cir­cu­la­tion, boost me­tab­o­lism and stim­u­late the lym­phatic sys­tem, help­ing the body burn more fat nat­u­rally and get rid of the tox­ins that cause cel­lulite build-up.

The vi­bra­tions con­tract and re­lax the mus­cles, so you may ex­pe­ri­ence slight aches af­ter the first ses­sion. The in­ten­sity of the vi­bra­tions will in­crease over the ses­sions to pro­duce bet­ter re­sults.

Most Re­lax­ing Bodysculpting Treat­ment

Ca­pac­i­tive Su­per­pulsed Ra­dio Fre­quency Body Con­tour­ing and Skin Firm­ing ($398 for a 60min ses­sion) Skin­lab The Med­i­cal Spa, #04- 04 Whee­lock Place, tel: 6235-3246.­ WE LOST A to­tal of 16.5 inches from the waist and hips af­ter 18 ses­sions, done over six weeks. WHAT This uses ra­dio fre­quency waves to stim­u­late col­la­gen pro­duc­tion and liq­uefy un­wanted fat over time, which tight­ens and con­tours the treated area.

A thick layer of cool­ing gel is first ap­plied to pro­tect the skin from the heat of the ra­dio fre­quency waves. The ther­a­pist then re­peat­edly runs the ra­dio fre­quency hand­piece over the tar­geted area for 45min. You’ll feel no pain, just slight warmth. If it gets too hot for you, the ther­a­pist can ad­just the heat. It’s quite re­lax­ing (our tester even fell asleep) but it can get a lit­tle un­com­fort­able when the hand­piece rolls over bony ar­eas like your hip bone.

Af­ter that, a su­per-cool­ing slim­ming gel is ap­plied to the tummy and waist, then mas­saged into skin for 15min. The treat­ment fin­ishes with a tight cling film wrap.

Most Com­pre­hen­sive Body-sculpt­ing Treat­ment

Sig­na­ture Power Ac­tiv7 Sculp­tor Regime ($520 for a 90min ses­sion) Slim­ming Sanc­tu­ary, Thong Sia Build­ing, 30 Bide­ford Road, tel: 6355- 6161. www.slim­ming­sanc­tu­ WE LOST 0.8kg and 2.5 inches af­ter six ses­sions, done over five weeks. WHAT This com­bines a ra­dio fre­quency treat­ment, a slim­ming mas­sage and a gin­ger ther­mal wrap to in­crease your meta­bolic rate, ac­ti­vate fat re­moval, im­prove detox­i­fi­ca­tion, and stim­u­late blood cir­cu­la­tion and lym­phatic drainage. It can also help firm up skin and re­duce the look of stretch marks.

The treat­ment is gen­er­ally com­fort­able, as the ther­a­pist can ad­just the strength of the mas­sage and heat of the ra­dio fre­quency to suit you.

Best Fat-re­duc­ing Treat­ment

En­der­molo­gie for Body ($200 for a 35min ses­sion) Aura & Mir­a­cles, #05-13 Delfi Or­chard, tel: 6333- 8707. WE LOST 2.9 per cent of body fat af­ter eight ses­sions, done over four weeks. WHAT You wear a full body­suit dur­ing the treat­ment, as the ther­a­pist glides a hand­piece with mo­torised rollers over your body – it feels like a deep-tis­sue mas­sage. The rollers gen­tly pull at the skin to help break down fat cells, boost lym­phatic flow, and dis­pel tox­ins and ex­cess wa­ter.

The treat­ment was fairly pain­less for our tester, al­though she felt some dis­com­fort at sen­si­tive ar­eas like the in­ner thighs, and fatty ar­eas. Roller in­ten­sity can be ad­justed to suit you, and you may feel a lit­tle sore af­ter the first ses­sion. Our tester no­ticed that her tummy felt tighter af­ter one ses­sion.

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