Cel­lulite af­fects more than 80 per cent of us, even those with­out weight is­sues. Slim­ming ex­pert BodyPer­fect says there are six root causes of cel­lulite for­ma­tion, and its Cellu Sculpt treat­ments are de­signed to bat­tle th­ese prob­lems.

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Long hours of sit­ting and

stand­ing may lead to slug­gish cir­cu­la­tion, which can make you bot­tom- heavy.

The rem­edy? A treat­ment car­ried out us­ing a ma­chine that com­bines vac­uum and roller mas­sages as well as ul­tra­sound to tar­get com­mon prob­lem ar­eas like

the legs, hips and belly.


An un­healthy diet causes your body to de­velop

more fat and hold on to tox­ins, ex­ac­er­bat­ing cel­lulite woes. The Lipo Pure Cleanse treat­ment, which com­prises a patented Smart Fiber drink, boosts your di­ges­tive sys­tem, coun­ter­act­ing the large in­testines’ fat- ab­sorp­tion abil­ity

and detox­i­fy­ing with the aid of al­gae.


Stress can cause fat to ac­cu­mu­late in the back and tummy. The BodyPer­fect so­lu­tion is an al­gae body wrap with io­dine, cop­per, zinc and amino acids. It’s said to help you look trim­mer, with firmer skin. Go­ing through the wrap treat­ment may also

re­lieve ten­sion.


If your mum has a nat­u­ral pre­dis­po­si­tion to cel­lulite, chances are it’s the same for you. Try a Cellu Sculpt treat­ment com­pris­ing a mas­sage us­ing a serum that in­creases the body’s abil­ity to fight fat, a peel to ex­fo­li­ate your skin, and the ap­pli­ca­tion of a fat- burn­ing for­mu­la­tion.


In our 30s and 40s, cel­lulite may harden and be­come painful to the touch. Such cel­lulite is said to re­quire a “shock” to break down its cells. BodyPer­fect of­fers a unique “fat- burn for­mu­la­tion” treat­ment

that is de­liv­ered by ther­mo­gen­ics, and that pro­motes fat- burn­ing for

24 hours af­ter­wards.


Our hor­mones change as we ap­proach menopause. This change can cause more fatty de­posits to form in the body – and they are stub­born and dif­fi­cult to shift. BodyPer­fect tack­les them with the Rev­o­lu­tion treat­ment, a com­bi­na­tion of vac­uum, rollers,

ra­dio fre­quency and LED light.

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