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Get clear, glow­ing skin Your skin takes a beat­ing ev­ery day. It’s ex­posed to the sun, dust and pol­lu­tion. On top of that, it pro­duces its own sweat, se­bum and dead skin cells, which can clog pores and trig­ger break­outs. Not to men­tion, sun­screen and makeup can also cause prob­lems if they’re not com­pletely re­moved. So the first step to look­ing younger is to have a good look at your cleanser.

It may be time to switch to an an­ti­age­ing cleanser that can elim­i­nate im­pu­ri­ties, and nour­ish and pro­tect your skin at the same time, such as El­iz­a­beth Ar­den Pre­vage Anti-ag­ing Treat­ment Boost­ing Cleanser. Here’s how it can help your skin: 1 IT’S MILD. A foam­ing agent gen­tly re­moves de­bris and light makeup. 2 IT’S A TIME­SAVER. You won’t need to add on a weekly face scrub with this cleanser – its blend of en­zyme ex­fo­liants and bam­bood­erived ex­fo­li­at­ing beads re­moves dead skin cells on a daily ba­sis and helps boost skin cell re­newal.

3 IT PRO­TECTS. An­tiox­i­dants like idebenone and a mush­room ex­tract help to fend off skin-age­ing free rad­i­cals pro­duced by cig­a­rette smoke and UV rays. Idebenone is a bio­engi­neered an­tiox­i­dant said to be more pow­er­ful than coen­zyme Q10, and vi­ta­mins C and E. An­ge­line Lim-De Silva, re­gional train­ing man­ager from El­iz­a­beth Ar­den, says: “Idebenone doesn’t get washed off – it gets ab­sorbed into the skin upon con­tact and is only ac­ti­vated when your skin needs it.”

4 IT MOIS­TURISES. Nour­ish­ing glyc­er­ine and shea but­ter help do the job.

El­iz­a­beth Ar­den Pre­vage Anti-ag­ing Treat­ment Boost­ing Cleanser (125ml), $69

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