Ma­chines that can sculpt your gure with­out surgery? Dr Kelvin Chua of SL Clinic con­tends that if you want signicant, long-last­ing and re­li­able fat loss, li­po­suc­tion is still your best op­tion.

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Go­ing into a clinic for a pro­ce­dure that de­stroys fat cells and grad­u­ally makes you slim­mer, sans surgery, is a mas­sively ap­peal­ing idea, which is why fat-bust­ing de­vices are all the rage now. Un­for­tu­nately, says Dr Kelvin Chua, if it looks too good to be true, it prob­a­bly is: Th­ese ma­chines, which sup­pos­edly de­stroy fat cells us­ing ul­tra­sound en­ergy or low tem­per­a­tures, just can’t do what li­po­suc­tion can for your fig­ure. Here’s how the pro­ce­dures stack up.

Long-last­ing vs tem­po­rary

Li­po­suc­tion lit­er­ally re­moves fat cells from the body, so if you main­tain your weight through diet and ex­er­cise af­ter­wards, you will stay slim. Dr Chua says that fat cells are hardy and de­signed to pro­tect us from the cold and keep us alive at times when food is scarce. That means freez­ing them or blast­ing them with ul­tra­sound may not de­stroy them per­ma­nently.

Ob­vi­ous vs min­i­mal

Nei­ther li­po­suc­tion nor fat-bust­ing ma­chines are de­signed for peo­ple who are ex­tremely obese; they are meant to re­shape the fig­ures of those who are slightly over­weight, at most. But li­po­suc­tion gives more ob­vi­ous re­sults – Dr Chua says that many pa­tients lose be­tween 2.5cm and 13cm, de­pend­ing on the body part. It’s claimed that ma­chines can help you drop one dress size, but Dr Chua reck­ons this is un­likely and that only around five per cent of the fat cells tar­geted by ma­chines are ac­tu­ally de­stroyed.

Tar­geted vs un­pre­dictable

Dr Chua uses a tech­nique called vi­broli­posculp­ture, where he takes some fat and leaves some, which al­lows him to cre­ate a whole new sil­hou­ette – for ex­am­ple, if your body has an ap­ple shape, he can take away more fat from the waist to give you a more hour­glass shape. He can also cre­ate a six-pack ef­fect and make your bi­ceps and pec­torals look more de­fined. In con­trast, fat­bust­ing de­vices can’t tar­get spe­cific spots; the doc­tor can’t dic­tate which cells are de­stroyed and which aren’t. Dr Chua says that this can ac­tu­ally leave some pa­tients with un­even fat loss and lumpy ar­eas.

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