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The self-pro­claimed “fat­test artiste in Me­di­a­corp” is look­ing sexy-svelte af­ter shed­ding 12kg. Life is clearly bet­ter for ac­tress Chen Lip­ing, and counts the ways.

Get­ting Her Sexy Back

“It’s been a long time since I’ve done photo shoots. Be­fore I lost weight, when­ever I had to wear fig­ure-hug­ging dresses, my pic­tures were never flat­ter­ing. While it’s pos­si­ble to dig­i­tally en­hance the pic­tures, I refuse to have so much ‘magic’ done – I don’t look like that in real life at all,” Lip­ing says can­didly.

Now that she’s a trim­mer and healthier size M, the af­fa­ble 48-yearold vet­eran ac­tress is ex­ud­ing heaps more con­fi­dence. At our pho­to­call, de­spite the con­stant jibes she makes about her weight (“Tsk tsk tsk, look at my arms and tummy” is an oft-heard re­frain), Lip­ing is vis­i­bly happy and at ease with her­self.

Learn­ing Self-dis­ci­pline

While she may have been self­con­scious about her weight, Lip­ing main­tains she’s al­ways loved and ac­cepted who she is – which ex­plains why she’s never felt the need to con­trol what she eats.

“I love to eat, so when­ever peo­ple say: ‘This is so sin­ful!’ I would think, ‘ But you’re eat­ing some­thing good – why make it sound like it’s so wrong?’ I never un­der­stood the term ‘guilty plea­sure’ be­cause I never felt guilty!” she guf­faws.

But af­ter all her hard work and self-dis­ci­pline, Lip­ing now thinks twice be­fore in­dulging in her crav­ings and late-night munchies. From need­ing to “eat two pack­ets of in­stant noo­dles to feel sat­is­fied”, she stops short at just half now.

Cut­ting Her­self Some Slack

When she first em­barked on her quest to lose weight, Lip­ing lim­ited her­self to a tiny por­tion of rice, lean meat and veg­eta­bles for lunch ev­ery day. But af­ter two months of rig­or­ous self-con­trol, she now gives her­self some al­lowance – a weight fluc­tu­a­tion of 2kg at most – to en­joy her “cheat” days with­out feel­ing mis­er­able.

“I be­lieve in los­ing weight ‘hap­pily’. So if I feel like eat­ing bak kut teh, chicken rice or char kway teow, I will still have a few mouth­fuls to sat­isfy my crav­ings. I don’t want to cut my­self off from life’s lit­tle joys just to drop the pounds. I’m happy to be a weight-loss work-in-progress.”

More Di­verse Roles in the Works

The ac­tress ad­mits that be­ing slim­mer could help her to get dif­fer­ent roles. “In The Dream Mak­ers (2013), I was play­ing a se­nior ex­ec­u­tive and could only wear loose clothes. Yet, I felt that my role called for classier, sharper suits, which didn’t look good on me. What­ever char­ac­ter you play, it needs to be con­vinc­ing. Af­ter my weight loss, maybe they’ll give me a role as a sports coach in fu­ture!” she says.

Show­ing Off Her Body in a Bikini

Per­haps... “At my age? Aiyoh… I’ll leave that to the young­sters,” she says, laugh­ing. “But I do hope to feel con­fi­dent enough to step out in a sleeve­less top one day!”

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