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Ul­ti­mate Colla-gen with UV Shield

($88 for 30 sa­chets) is a unique sup­ple­ment that works to re­plen­ish col­la­gen loss from your skin as well as pro­tect your com­plex­ion from harm­ful UV rays. It con­tains

carotenoid ex­tracts (the same po­tent in­gre­di­ent found in car­rots and toma­toes) plus an­tiox­i­dants

from blue­ber­ries and acai, pro­bi­otics, col­la­gen, vitamin C, glu­cosamine, and hyaluronic acid. Avail­able at Nishino phar­ma­cies

(Takashimaya D.S. and Ise­tan Scotts), Robin­sons, and se­lected pre­mium TCM out­lets and clin­ics. For more in­for­ma­tion, visit www.face­­ti­mate­col­la­gen.

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