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Ap­pre­ci­at­ing our­selves – no mat­ter our im­per­fec­tions – is key to hap­pi­ness. So we asked women which parts of their bod­ies they like most and give you ideas on pam­per­ing prod­ucts and fun new ac­tiv­i­ties to keep fit

Simply Her (Singapore) - - Love Your Body - BY CH­ERYL LEONG, SI­MONE WU & NG POH HIAN


They’re pe­tite and smooth, but strong! With­out them, I wouldn’t be able to en­joy all the things I like do­ing – es­pe­cially cook­ing. I take care of my hands by rub­bing body but­ter on them through­out the day to keep them mois­turised. ” – Sher­ine Loke, 28, pub­lic re­la­tions ex­ec­u­tive


It may be small but it’s rounded and toned, and I’m al­ways feel­ing at my best in skinny jeans. I do 50 squats and one minute of squat-jumps ev­ery day to keep them in shape!” – Emmy Lee, 35, re­gional hu­man re­source man­ager


be­cause they’re knobby and pro­trud­ing. I wear arm ac­ces­sories like dan­gly or eye-catch­ing bracelets to show them off.” – Lynn Tan, 37, ad­min­is­tra­tive as­sis­tant


I don’t have a thigh gap, but I like that my strong thigh mus­cles can carry me far. You don’t need to take care of them much when you’re run­ning around all the time!” – Es­ther Chiew, 42, home­maker

“Prom­i­nent col­lar­bones.

They make my neck look more slen­der when I wear chunky neck­laces or hal­ter tops. They’re my favourite fea­ture, so I make sure that I watch my weight when they pro­trude less ob­vi­ously.” – Betsy Kwan, 43, fi­nance cashier


On good days, I get a lit­tle ab def­i­ni­tion that mo­ti­vates me, be­cause it proves that all the crunches and core ex­er­cises I’ve been do­ing are pay­ing off!” – An­gel Foo, 36, ad­min­is­tra­tive as­sis­tant


They’re the most pro­por­tion­ate part of my body! They make me feel con­fi­dent about my­self, es­pe­cially when I’m in heels. I cy­cle with my daugh­ter when­ever we have the time, to keep my legs in shape.” – Amy Ost, 33, nurse


They’re nar­row and bony, and stand out even more when man­i­cured. I show them off by wear­ing pretty rings.” – Qiao Yut­ing, 25, un­em­ployed


They’re lean even though I have chunkier thighs, and they make my legs ap­pear longer and thin­ner when I’m in skirts or dresses. I don’t have a spe­cial care rou­tine... but I walk a lot, so it keeps my calves firm!” – Eve­lyn Tan, 30, hair­dresser


They’re long and nar­row, so they fit into most shoes com­fort­ably. They also don’t have cal­luses or bulging veins, mak­ing it easy for me to buy any type of shoes I like! I take care of my feet by ap­ply­ing Vase­line to my heels and body oil on my soles be­fore I go to bed ev­ery night.” – Caslin Ang, 48, ad­min­is­tra­tive ex­ec­u­tive


My nar­row shoul­ders give me a small frame. Best thing is, they make my hips look smaller. I show them off by wear­ing fit­ted tees and flare skirts that hide my hips so I look slim­mer.” – Lee Siew Chen, 29, wait­ress


It’s the slimmest part of my body. I feel par­tic­u­larly fem­i­nine when I tie my hair up high to show it off. I ap­ply skin­care on my neck as well.”

– Tan Suat Hui, 27, ar­chi­tec­tural as­so­ci­ate

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