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Simply Her (Singapore) - - Panasonic Special - VA­LERIE TEO founder of Good Food Heals – Va­lerie Teo

Va­lerie was such a rm be­liever in the heal­ing po­ten­tial of food, that she set up Good Food Heals (www.good­food­, an on­line food ed­u­ca­tion plat­form, last Septem­ber. She wanted to en­cour­age people to choose the right things to eat. “The pur­pose

of food is to nour­ish, cleanse and pro­tect the body – good food can heal

you,” says Va­lerie. The turn­ing point for the 27-year-old nat­u­ral diet con­sul­tant and juice ther­a­pist was her re­cov­ery

from pso­ri­a­sis seven years ago. “Doc­tors told me it was in­cur­able. But my mum made me drink home­made smooth­ies of fruits and veg­eta­bles that are al­ka­lis­ing, as too much acid­ity in the body causes in­flam­ma­tion. I also elim­i­nated acid­i­fy­ing food like dairy, pro­cessed su­gar and gluten. Now, I’m com­pletely cured!” Va­lerie shares the musthave nu­tri­ents to raise strong and healthy kids. “Limit or elim­i­nate from your kids’ di­ets: sug­ary ce­re­als, fast food and pro­cessed meats like hot dogs, nuggets and burger pat­ties. Those foods are mu­cus-form­ing, and can cause com­mon re­s­pi­ra­tory ill­nesses – asthma, and per­sis­tent coughs and

colds – in chil­dren.” 1 VI­TA­MIN A Be­sides sup­port­ing gen­eral health and growth, vi­ta­min A also pro­tects against in­fec­tion. Get it from: Pa­payas, plums and wa­ter­mel­ons

2 CHO­LINE Budding braini­acs need suf­fi­cient cho­line – es­sen­tial for pro­duc­ing neu­ro­trans­mit­ters crit­i­cal for mem­ory and learn­ing – to sup­port brain de­vel­op­ment. Get it from: Honey­dew, grape­fruits and peaches

3 VI­TA­MIN C This vi­tal nutrient helps form pro­teins es­sen­tial for strong and healthy skin, ten­dons, bones, teeth and gums; it also boosts the im­mune sys­tem. Get it from: Guavas (one-quar­ter of a cup has four times the daily re­quire­ment), straw­ber­ries and kiwi fruit

4 ZINC Kids tend to get cuts and scrapes dur­ing play, so in­clude in their diet plenty of zinc, which re­pairs dam­aged tis­sue and heals wounds. Get it from: Dried prunes, av­o­ca­dos, pomegranates and ba­nanas

5 MAG­NE­SIUM Mag­ne­sium pro­motes healthy mus­cle and nerve func­tion, and helps lit­tle ones to re­lax in times of stress. It also keeps bones strong and reg­u­lates blood su­gar lev­els. Get it from: Black­ber­ries, rasp­ber­ries and jack­fruit

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