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May told us her fam­ily hadn’t made travel plans for the March school break, so we of­fered her and her boys a dif­fer­ent bond­ing ac­tiv­ity – tram­polin­ing. Tif­fany Lum, in­struc­tor from Amped Tram­po­line Park, shows them a few sim­ple tricks.

En­joy­ing a mum-andkids mo­ment At the end of the class, May and her boys col­lapse, laugh­ing, onto the tram­po­line to catch their breath. “This is way more tir­ing than I thought! No won­der they say 10 min­utes of jump­ing is equiv­a­lent to a 30-minute run!” says May.

We can do it! Keyan goes for an­other shot at the tram­po­line. Sup­port­ing him on both sides, Shang and May grab his hands and to­gether, they make a big leap for it!

Ba­sics first The first move Tif­fany demon­strates is a Seat Drop – where May has to land on the tram­po­line in a seated po­si­tion with her legs straight be­fore bounc­ing back onto her feet.

A help­ing hand… Keyan is shy and fear­ful on the tram­po­line – May has to coax him onto it so he can do a Straight Jump: his body needs to be taut and his arms, lifted above his head.

Tack­ling a twin jump May and Shang en­joy one-on-one time as they at­tempt a Tuck Jump to­gether.

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