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$1,499, from ma­jor depart­ment stores Bean container: 250g Wa­ter tank: 1.8 litres BREW­ING THE COF­FEE Its LCD screen lights up only when you need to fix an er­ror – like re­fill­ing the wa­ter tank – and not when it’s brew­ing a shot. It was con­fus­ing at first, with no screen in­struc­tions to guide me, but I soon got the hang of it. What was use­ful: It could dis­pense two cups of cof­fee at a time, and the spout ad­justed up to 14cm, fit­ting my tall mug where other ma­chines couldn’t. FROTH­ING THE MILK It takes more prac­tice to foam milk here, com­pared with the au­to­matic op­tions of the other two ma­chines. I had to learn the barista tech­nique – dip the tip of the froth­ing wand just slightly un­der the sur­face of the milk to cre­ate foam for cap­puc­cino or sub­merge it half­way into the cup to heat up milk for cafe latte (which is tra­di­tion­ally made with warmed milk and no foam). It’s use­ful that the wand is long and can be ro­tated to the side, to fit into tall mugs eas­ily. CLEAN­ING UP The de­tach­able parts (wa­ter tank, drip tray and dump box) are pulled out from the front, mak­ing them the eas­i­est to ac­cess, and free­ing up the ar­eas be­side the ma­chine – a boon for tight spa­ces. EX­TRA FEA­TURES It comes with a cup warmer for two reg­u­lar mugs, and up to six espresso cups. It has a ground cof­fee com­part­ment, lo­cated in the bean container. VER­DICT Comes with some prac­ti­cal fea­tures, but it isn’t as nifty as the rest.


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