These ac­tiv­ity trackers help you de­cide if you should do more, or eat less, to get health­ier.

Simply Her (Singapore) - - Smartshopper Road Test - BY NG POH HIAN

JAW­BONE UP $189.90, from Epi­cen­tre, Nubox and store.ap­ WEAR­ING IT Com­fort­able, but the ends of the band caught in my hair each time I ran my fin­gers through it. DATA The app’s data was the most com­pre­hen­sive. It recorded steps, dis­tance, ac­tive and idle time, and calo­ries burnt. It tracked the length of my light and deep sleep, how long I took to fall asleep, how of­ten I woke up and how long I stayed awake. But the food tracker strug­gled, list­ing mostly Western dishes like pasta and burg­ers. Us­ing the food log also took more steps com­pared with the Fit­bit Flex, al­though it gave in­for­ma­tion on nu­tri­tional con­tent. USE­FUL FEA­TURES You can set the Idle Alert to vi­brate at reg­u­lar in­ter­vals to re­mind you to get mov­ing. The Smart Sleep Alarm cal­cu­lates the best mo­ment for wak­ing up (based on your sleep cy­cle), so you’ll feel most en­er­gised – it woke me 15min ear­lier than my usual time. But this was the only de­vice that didn’t in­di­cate ac­tiv­ity progress, so if I set a daily goal of 10,000 steps, it couldn’t show how close I was to my tar­get; I had to check the app. SYNC­ING IT There’s no Wi-Fi or Blue­tooth con­nec­tiv­ity; to sync, plug it into the head­phone jack of your smart­phone. CHARG­ING IT A full bat­tery lasts up to 10 days. Plug into the USB ca­ble, then the com­puter, to charge. VER­DICT Has the most de­tailed data, and the most cre­ative and prac­ti­cal fea­tures.

8 FIT­BIT FLEX $129, from Har­vey Nor­man, Courts, Epi­cen­tre and store.ap­ WEAR­ING IT Com­fort­able, but the band trapped wa­ter – if I for­got to air-dry it af­ter a shower, the screen would mist over and wa­ter would leak out. DATA The app is sim­pler than the Jaw­bone Up’s, with ba­sic data like steps, dis­tance and calo­ries burnt. I could earn Very Ac­tive Min­utes for high-im­pact car­dio work­outs above an in­ten­sity pre­set by the de­vice. But an in­tense, hour-long dance work­out yielded just one Ac­tive Minute, so I was un­sure how hard I had to work to achieve Very Ac­tive Min­utes. Like the Jaw­bone Up, its food data­base is limited, but its search en­gine is eas­ier to use. USE­FUL FEA­TURES Five LED lights on the tracker show how close I am to my goal (two lights in­di­cate a 40 per cent goal mark; at 100 per cent, the de­vice buzzes and the lights flash). It also let me set a vi­brat­ing alarm to wake up to. SYNC­ING IT The eas­i­est – pair it to your phone via Blue­tooth. CHARG­ING IT One charge lasted about six days. To recharge, re­move the de­vice from the band, at­tach it to a USB ca­ble, then a com­puter. VER­DICT An af­ford­able starter de­vice – just re­mem­ber to dry it well af­ter a shower.

7 MIS­FIT SHINE $169.90, from store.ap­ and store.mis­fitwear­ WEAR­ING IT This watch­like tracker was the most com­fort­able and least con­spic­u­ous. The oth­ers were shower-proof – this was the only one I could wear while swim­ming. DATA The data is sim­i­lar to that of the Fit­bit Flex, but doesn’t track food in­take – not some­thing I missed as the other food trackers weren’t very use­ful. Like the Fit­bit Flex, the app sug­gested ac­tiv­i­ties for reach­ing my goal. USE­FUL FEA­TURES I could check my daily progress by dou­ble-tap­ping the de­vice, but it wasn’t sen­si­tive and al­ways needed a few tries. I could also earn Shine points for walk­ing, run­ning, swim­ming and cy­cling. The de­fault ac­tiv­ity is walk­ing; to switch ac­tiv­i­ties, I had to ac­cess the app, then sync it to the de­vice – a bother. SYNC­ING IT A has­sle, as I had to de­tach the tracker from the band and place it on my smart­phone screen to pair via Blue­tooth. CHARG­ING IT None needed – it runs on a watch bat­tery, which lasts a few months. VER­DICT I like that it’s wa­ter­proof and I didn’t have to charge it, but it could be more func­tional and user-friendly.






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