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If you’ve had your mat­tress for seven to 10 years, or if it’s sag­ging in spots, it’s time to change it. To find one of your pre­ferred firm­ness, lie on each mat­tress on your back and sides, for at least 10 min­utes.

For you and Hubby, choose a firm­ness that’s in-be­tween what you both like, rec­om­mends Richard Thio, a sales rep­re­sen­ta­tive from Serta. If you are a light sleeper and Hubby tends to toss and turn, try the mat­tress to­gether to make sure it ac­com­mo­dates his move­ment with­out you feel­ing it on your side of the bed. Try: The Serta Pedic Collection (from Serta Sleep Cen­ter) of three mat­tresses with vary­ing firm­ness – Pres­tige, Pos­ture and Pedic. Chi­ro­prac­tors have eval­u­ated them and found that they give the sup­port needed for a good night’s sleep. These mat­tresses weigh at least 80kg and have pocket springs that sup­port your body while ab­sorb­ing mo­tion so you can sleep well – even if Hubby is a rest­less sleeper.

The springs are en­cased in Kool­com­fort, a visco-elas­tic foam that moulds to your body to min­imise ex­ces­sive pres­sure on any part, so you don’t wake up achy and tired.

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