Red Bean Dumplings

It takes prac­tice to per­fect these sweet dumplings with a del­i­cately thin skin, from Din Tai Fung, but it’s worth the ef­fort.

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120g plain our 65g wa­ter 250g red bean paste*


1 Com­bine the our and wa­ter in a mix­ing bowl and knead into a smooth dough.

2 Trans­fer the dough onto a coun­ter­top lightly dusted with our. Roll it into a long strip and break it into bite-sized pieces. Mould each piece into a ball.

3 Press down the cen­tre of each ball and at­ten it with a rolling pin. Ro­tate the skin as you roll it out so it be­comes round and thin.

4 Hold the dumpling skin with its cen­tre around your mid­dle nger. Lower your mid­dle nger slightly so that the dumpling skin makes a well to hold the red bean paste.

5 Af­ter adding the paste, hold the edge of the dumpling skin and make about 18 folds in it to close it. Pull and press each fold to the pre­vi­ous one. 6 To­wards the end, twist the last fold into the very rst fold to seal the dumpling. Re­peat for the rest of the dumplings, then place them in a bam­boo steamer bas­ket lined with parch­ment paper (it pre­vents the dumplings from stick­ing to the steamer). Steam for 6min. *Avail­able at bak­ing sup­ply stores like Phoon Huat, 171 Ben­coolen Street, tel: 6338-1143. Check for a list of out­lets.







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