Face Tuck

Mak­ing your face more de­fined and con­toured in a safe and ef­fec­tive way is no fan­tasy. Dr Kelvin Chua of SL Clinic shares how fa­cial li­po­suc­tion makes this pos­si­ble.

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Many people dream of hav­ing movie star- wor­thy sculpted fa­cial con­tours or the “V- shaped” sil­hou­ette made pop­u­lar by K- pop celebri­ties. But get­ting such fa­cial fea­tures takes more than just dreams and dis­ci­pline. Un­like other body parts – the ab­dom­i­nals, arms or legs – the con­tours of your face may not al­ter much even when you com­mit to a healthy diet and reg­u­lar ex­er­cise. For clients who are ge­net­i­cally in­clined to­wards stub­born baby fat on the face, Dr Kelvin Chua rec­om­mends fa­cial li­po­suc­tion as a way to sharpen the face and cre­ate a jaw­line along the chin.

Ideal can­di­dates

Fa­cial li­po­suc­tion is rec­om­mended for men or women with iso­lated pock­ets of ex­cess fat in the face, neck or chin ( read: chubby cheeks, dou­ble chin and fleshy neck). Can­di­dates should be in good health and have toned, elas­tic skin that will be able to shrink af­ter li­po­suc­tion.

Safety first

Ac­cord­ing to Dr Chua, “Fa­cial li­po­suc­tion is gen­er­ally con­sid­ered a safe oper­a­tion, per­formed on an out­pa­tient ba­sis, with pa­tients un­der lo­cal anaes­the­sia and light se­da­tion. A tiny tube, a can­nula, is used to loosen fat cells and fatty de­posits. As the can­nula is very tiny, no in­ci­sions are needed and the nee­dle marks are barely vis­i­ble. The pro­ce­dure takes be­tween one and two hours.”

Care and re­cov­ery

It is pos­si­ble for pa­tients to re­turn to nor­mal ac­tiv­i­ties the very next day. Many can go back to work within a few days, but of­ten choose to wait a full week. Swelling and bruis­ing vary among in­di­vid­u­als, but should sub­side within two weeks. The af­ter­ef­fects can be al­le­vi­ated with cold com­presses, by sleep­ing with your head in a raised po­si­tion, and by avoid­ing blood­thin­ning med­i­ca­tion.

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