Brighten Up at any Budget

A bright­en­ing skin­care prod­uct can even out and light up your com­plex­ion – here are the lat­est se­lec­tions ac­cord­ing to your wal­let size.

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1 El­iz­a­beth Ar­den Vis­i­ble Whiten­ing In­tense Bright­en­ing Bio­cel­lu­lose Mask ( box of ve sheets),

$90, leaves skin glow­ing and plumped up with its vi­ta­min C de­riv­a­tive and lipoamino acid.

2 Roc Eter­nel White Bright­en­ing UV Emul­sion SPF20/PA++ (50g), $72, hy­drates, and helps sup­press the skin sig­nals that trig­ger dark-spot pro­duc­tion.

3 Bio­therm Liq­uid White Spot Fo­cus Ever-clear Dark Spot Cor­rec­tor (30ml), $95, has a re­fresh­ing, wa­ter-like tex­ture that pro­tects against free rad­i­cals that dam­age and darken skin.

4 L’Oreal Paris White Per­fect Laser Turn-around Overnight Treat­ment (50ml), $32.90, en­hances skin re­newal to speed up the re­moval of dead, dark­ened cells, and in­hibits dark-spot for­ma­tion.

5 Vichy Bi-white Med Eyes Deep Whiten­ing Il­lu­mi­nat­ing Con­cen­trate (15ml), $65, bright­ens the eye con­tours in­stantly and pro­tects skin against en­vi­ron­men­tal stres­sors.

1 Lan­come Blanc Ex­pert Me­lanol­yser III In­te­gral White­ness Spot Eraser (30ml), $160, re­duces the size and num­ber of dark spots, and breaks down melanin be­fore it reaches the skin sur­face.

2 Kenzo Ken­zoki Whiten­ing Skil­ful Serum (30ml), $105, neu­tralises an en­zyme that trig­gers melanin for­ma­tion, and in­hibits the trans­fer of dark spots to the skin sur­face.

3 Es­tee Lauder Cy­berwhite HD Ad­vanced Spot Cor­rect­ing Essence (50ml), $160, ad­dresses skin-dark­en­ing caused by pol­lu­tion, us­ing an anti-in­flam­ma­tory botan­i­cal ex­tract. It also soothes skin ir­ri­ta­tion and min­imises spot for­ma­tion.

4 Shi­seido White Lu­cent To­tal Bright­en­ing Serum (30ml), $159, does more than just in­hibit melanin for­ma­tion at ev­ery stage; it con­tains resver­a­trol to pre­vent skin from yel­low­ing at the deeper lay­ers and boosts mi­cro­cir­cu­la­tion for a rosy glow.

5 Coverderm Lu­mi­nous Ul­tra White Tri­ac­tif (30ml), $100, not only evens out your skin tone, it com­bats pre­ma­ture age­ing with en­cap­su­lated retinol and vi­ta­min C.

6 Wake up to a more ra­di­ant, sup­ple and even-toned com­plex­ion with Clar­ins White Plus To­tal Lu­mi­nes­cent Smooth­ing Bright­en­ing Night Cream (50ml), $110. It im­proves the skin’s re­newal rate and helps slow down dark-spot pro­duc­tion.

1 SK-II Cel­lu­mi­na­tion Aura Essence (30ml), $199; (50ml), $299; (75ml), $397, im­parts a dewy, rosy glow with pit­era and other skin-lov­ing in­gre­di­ents to in­hibit melanin pro­duc­tion and slow down melanin trans­fer to your skin.

2 Cosme Decorte Whitel­o­gist MX (20ml), $122; (40ml), $220, light­ens stub­born spots caused by over­ac­tive melanocytes (dark-spot fac­to­ries), and switches off the en­zymes that trig­ger melanin pro­duc­tion.

3 Sul­wha­soo Sno­wise EX Whiten­ing Serum (50ml), $268, light­ens dark spots, re­duces yel­low­ness and red­ness caused by the sun’s rays, evens out dis­col­oration, and boosts col­la­gen pro­duc­tion for firmer, brighter skin.

4 Used af­ter your serum, Guer­lain Blanc de Perle White P.E.A.R.L Fu­sion Whiten­ing Day & Night Treat­ment, $298, is meant to be used for one month to reg­u­late melanin pro­duc­tion and skin re­newal. It gets rid of melanin-laden dead skin cells, and boosts col­la­gen pro­duc­tion for a brighter, more sup­ple com­plex­ion.

ABOVE $200 These melt-into-the-skin, deep­hy­drat­ing, sen­sual tex­tures cre­ate a pam­per­ing ex­pe­ri­ence while of­fer­ing skin-bright­en­ing ben­e­fits.

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