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You’d think it’d be sim­ple enough to un­der­stand. But if it were, there wouldn’t be so many people out there search­ing for it. And there wouldn’t be 1.9 bil­lion re­sults when you Google “How to be happy”.

Yep, 1.9 bil­lion. It makes you think, doesn’t it? There are ei­ther a lot of un­happy people in the world, or a great many who can’t hang on to last­ing hap­pi­ness.

As chil­dren, we all knew how to be happy. For me, it was play­ing hop­scotch with my friends at re­cess time. It was get­ting my hands on yet an­other Fa­mous Five ad­ven­ture book and be­ing swept away by the story – then read­ing it again 10 times more. It was hear­ing the tin­kle of my dad’s keys out­side the door ev­ery evening, know­ing that he was home from work. (Even to­day, I’d recog­nise the sound of those keys any­where.)

How then, did some­thing as ba­sic as liv­ing in joy, like chil­dren do, give way to sad­ness, dis­con­tent and dis­ap­point­ment in adult­hood? I’ve heard too many people lament about how their child­hood was a much hap­pier time. It seems ev­ery­one is look­ing for hap­pi­ness these days.

Thank­fully, it isn’t that elu­sive. We know by now that it doesn’t come from buy­ing things – that kind of hap­pi­ness is fleet­ing and leaves you with an even big­ger void to fill when it’s gone. Turn to page 52, for a lit­tle help on how to find last­ing joy – it’s not that hard, I prom­ise. The fea­ture in­cludes a se­lec­tion of com­fort food recipes you can whip up, for a lit­tle boost to your mood. Plus, a Sim­ply Her team tip: Make a cup of in­stant noo­dles – it’s the aroma, the hot soupi­ness and the bite of the noo­dles that do it for us – check out the top six we found (you can bet the team was re­ally happy that day!).

We’ve also lined up other sto­ries that will put a smile on your face, like the win­ning treat­ments in our Smart Shop­per Fa­cial Awards (pg 30), so you can get ra­di­ant, sup­ple and younger-look­ing skin. Seem in­stantly made-up with a lip­stick wardrobe – it’s also a fuss-free way to look dif­fer­ent ev­ery day (pg 26). Save more money – at least $12k a year – with our smart spend­ing tips (pg 64). And get a good night’s sleep to start ev­ery day on a high note – see our mem­ory foam pil­lows road test (pg 90) to find the best one for you. Have a truly happy month!


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