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Kpop X Fit­ness Lite

$50 (Pas­sion Card mem­bers) or $60 (non-Pas­sion Card mem­bers) for four ses­sions. *Classes are held ev­ery Sun­day, 9-9.50am.

A mix­ture of K-pop dance and aer­o­bics. Par­tic­i­pants fol­low the in­struc­tor’s moves and dance to about 14 songs over 50 min­utes.

No dance back­ground needed – the class uses slower songs and sim­pli­fies the moves. The work­out helps se­niors’ stamina and co­or­di­na­tion, and is gen­tle on the knees and joints as there’s no skip­ping or jump­ing in­volved.

Be­ing able to bond (and groove) with their grand­kids over K-pop! $30 for four ses­sions. *Classes are held ev­ery Wed­nes­day, 8.15-9.15pm.

A low­im­pact work­out that com­bines bhangra, belly dance and hip hop with aer­o­bics foot­work. The in­struc­tor first in­tro­duces the core moves, to be re­peated over the next few classes, be­fore go­ing into the week’s chore­og­ra­phy.

It’s easy to fol­low and pro­gresses at a slower rate with lots of re­caps. If cer­tain moves prove dif­fi­cult, par­tic­i­pants are en­cour­aged to stop. Bolly X also helps im­prove stamina and co­or­di­na­tion.

How it’s a great way to shake off their in­hi­bi­tions.

Se­nior Adult Bal­let by Cheng Bal­let Academy

#03-00, 204 Bukit Timah Road, tel: 9092-1103. $170 for an eight-week term. Classes are held ev­ery Thurs­day, 2-3pm.

A be­gin­ner’s class, the fo­cus is on build­ing the foun­da­tion for bal­let – ba­sic po­si­tions, bal­let ori­en­ta­tions and barre ex­er­cises.

The pace is slow and the in­struc­tor en­sures that each stu­dent is ac­cus­tomed to the po­si­tions be­fore mov­ing on. For more chal­leng­ing moves like the plie, the stu­dents can start by bend­ing their knees at a higher an­gle first. Bal­let trains co­or­di­na­tion, de­vel­ops flex­i­bil­ity and in­creases mo­bil­ity, as well as im­proves pos­ture to re­duce lower-back pain.

Over­com­ing the age fac­tor to feel more grace­ful, lim­ber and strong. $90 (Pas­sion Card mem­bers) or $100 (nonPas­sion Card mem­bers). *Classes are held ev­ery Mon­day, 7.10-8.10pm and ev­ery Thurs­day, 10.30-11.30am.

This Latin-in­spired dance work­out bor­rows from many gen­res – samba, belly dance and hip hop – and in­volves con­stant move­ment.

Zumba is a good to­tal-body work­out. This ver­sion has mod­i­fied dance moves that are sim­ple to fol­low, even for new­bies. It is also gen­tle on the knees and joints – no hop­ping, jump­ing or hard land­ings.

Be­ing able to join in the fun of zumba, if they weren’t able to do so be­fore.


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