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You’ll Feel Some Pain

“The treat­ment takes only a few min­utes; dis­com­fort is very min­i­mal, and the in­jec­tions feel like tiny ant bites,” says Dr Ramirez. She adds that you may feel more dis­com­fort when the bo­tulinum toxin is in­jected un­der the eyes as this is a more sen­si­tive area.

You may also ex­pe­ri­ence bruis­ing, a com­mon side ef­fect of any in­jec­tion, adds Dr Chuah. The bruise can take a few days to a cou­ple of weeks to go away, depend­ing on its size.

Re­sults Are Not In­stant

It takes a few days to see ef­fects, and two weeks to see the full re­sults of the treat­ment. “Some stud­ies have shown that if you ex­er­cise the tar­geted mus­cle hard for the first hour af­ter your in­jec­tion, it helps the bo­tulinum toxin be bet­ter ab­sorbed into the mus­cle,” says Dr Chuah.

In most pa­tients, re­sults last three to four months. Af­ter the ef­fect wears off, your wrin­kles will reap­pear.

Safe for Sen­si­tive Skin

Bo­tulinum toxin is safe for those with sen­si­tive skin, as it will not trig­ger a skin re­ac­tion un­less you have open sores, pim­ples or in­flam­ma­tion around the tar­get area, says Dr Ramirez.

Pos­si­ble Side Ef­fects

It is con­sid­ered safe in the dosages com­monly in­jected, says Dr Chuah. How­ever, she adds: “If you have any neu­ro­mus­cu­lar dis­eases such as mul­ti­ple scle­ro­sis, pre­vi­ous al­ler­gic re­ac­tions to bo­tulinum toxin in­jec­tions, are preg­nant or nurs­ing, it is not rec­om­mended for you.” To pre­vent the bo­tulinum toxin from spread­ing and af­fect­ing other mus­cles, avoid mas­sag­ing the treated zones for 24 hours, ad­vises Dr Soh Lea Sar, med­i­cal di­rec­tor of Health­springs Laser and Aes­thetic Clinic.

How Much Does The Treat­ment Cost?

Some clin­ics charge by the area of the face treated while oth­ers charge ac­cord­ing to the num­ber of bo­tulinum toxin units used – one syringe can con­tain vary­ing units, depend­ing on what the treat­ment needs. “Bo­tox usu­ally costs $60 to $80 for ev­ery four units,” says Dr Soh. Dr Chuah adds that for the fore­head area, the num­ber of units re­quired can range from 10 to 24. Cal­cium hy­drox­y­la­p­atite gives in­stant re­sults and also has some col­la­gen-stim­u­lat­ing ef­fect; it lasts up to a year.”

Your skin is first as­sessed, then a suit­able filler is pre­scribed. Numb­ing cream is ap­plied to the tar­get ar­eas, which are also iced be­fore the fillers are in­jected, says Dr Shiau. You can do dif­fer­ent parts of the face in one ses­sion.

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