Choos­ing a Dish­washer

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Other than di­men­sions, con­sider the ma­chine’s ca­pac­ity, in­di­cated by its place-set­ting num­ber (six, 12 or 14). One place set­ting refers to a set of plates and cut­lery a per­son would use in a Western-style meal – a din­ner plate, a soup plate, a dessert plate, a tum­bler, a teacup and cut­lery (fork, knife, soup spoon, tea­spoon and dessert spoon). Go for the largest ca­pac­ity your space al­lows, con­sid­er­ing that you’ll be wash­ing pots and pans too.


Check the deci­bel rat­ing to find a rel­a­tively quiet one.

Bas­ket fea­tures

Look at the wire racks of the dish­wash­ers to see if they can hold the items you are likely to wash, es­pe­cially your pots and pans, and frag­ile items like wine glasses. If you need to wash large pots of­ten, hav­ing a rack with ad­justable tines (that se­cure and sep­a­rate the dishes on the racks) would let you fit them in more eas­ily.


Find out where the fil­ter is lo­cated and check that it’s easy to reach and open.

Eco-friendly fea­tures

En­vi­ron­men­tally-friendly ma­chines help save wa­ter. For ex­am­ple, Bosch dish­wash­ers have tanks that store wa­ter from the last rinse to use in the first rinse of the next wash.

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