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1 CUL­TI­VATE SELF­MO­TI­VA­TION En­cour­age your chil­dren to de­velop hob­bies that don’t re­late to their stud­ies. “If they have a rea­son to fin­ish their work on time, it will give them the in­cen­tive to work smart. Also get them to set achiev­able tar­gets and re­ward them with pos­i­tive com­ments,” says Anita. 2 TEACH YOUR CHILD TO MAN­AGE STRESS WELL • Re­mind him to breathe. Ask him to close his eyes for a few min­utes and take slow, deep breaths when­ever he feels stressed. If need be, get him to do a phys­i­cal ac­tiv­ity to take his mind off his stud­ies for a bit. Squeez­ing a stress ball may also work, es­pe­cially for ki­naes­thetic learn­ers who crave bod­ily move­ments while study­ing. • Let him prac­tise men­tal re­lax­ation. “Tell your child: ‘Think of a place, ei­ther real or imag­i­nary. Close your eyes and make your mind go blank. Imag­ine that there’s a movie screen at the back of your eye­lids. Project im­ages and sounds onto it us­ing your senses, to ease yourself into to­tal re­lax­ation. Re­mem­ber these im­ages and feel­ings.’ Your kid can prac­tise this three times a day for the first month and sub­se­quently once a day or as of­ten as needed,” sug­gests Alan.

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