Don’t Ne­glect Your Heart Health

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Qual­ity sperm is im­por­tant in in­creas­ing the chances of con­cep­tion. For Hubby, this means keep­ing the tem­per­a­ture of the testes cool – sperm loses en­ergy and moves more slowly when tem­per­a­tures are raised, says Dr Ju­lianah. “So get him to wear boxer shorts, spend less time in saunas, have cool show­ers and stop putting his lap­top on his lap.”

Keep Up Your Fit­ness Regime

Says Dr Wong: “Main­tain­ing your pre-preg­nancy fit­ness level pre­pares your body for the en­ergy needed dur­ing de­liv­ery.”

But don’t overdo it – if your pe­ri­ods are ir­reg­u­lar or you don’t even get your pe­riod, it means that the con­di­tions aren’t right for preg­nancy. So ease up on ex­er­cis­ing and stick to low-in­ten­sity, non-con­tact ac­tiv­i­ties like swim­ming, brisk walk­ing, sta­tion­ary cy­cling, low-im­pact aer­o­bics and pi­lates, and your body will read­just. Car­dio­vas­cu­lar ex­er­cise works the heart and lungs, and gets your heart rate up. Dur­ing preg­nancy, this is good for Baby. Dr Wong ex­plains: “Labour is car­dio-in­ten­sive – when you pre­pare to deliver, your heart rate in­creases. If your baby isn’t used to that sen­sa­tion, he will feel dis­tressed, which could lead to com­pli­ca­tions. Ex­er­cise helps con­di­tion your baby in utero to get ac­cus­tomed to a faster heart rate.”

Take Reg­u­lar Meals

“When you’re preg­nant, don’t skip meals – do­ing so means your baby won’t be get­ting fixed doses of nu­tri­ents to grow and de­velop healthily,” says Dr Wong. Eat at reg­u­lar in­ter­vals; if you have morn­ing sick­ness, eat less but more of­ten.

Don’t Give Up Hope!

Dr Ju­lianah says that even if you’ve pre­vi­ously suf­fered up to five mis­car­riages, you still have a good chance – up to 70 per cent – of get­ting preg­nant and de­liv­er­ing a live birth. If you opt for in-vitro fer­til­i­sa­tion, best done when you’re be­low 35, the suc­cess rate is up to 50 per cent.

With in­tra-uter­ine in­sem­i­na­tion (IUI) – a process of ar­ti­fi­cial in­sem­i­na­tion – the preg­nancy rate is 10-15 per cent for each IUI. It is best done when you are be­low 38.

“The im­por­tant thing is to have faith and be­lieve that you can get preg­nant – be­ing pos­i­tive will help to fa­cil­i­tate the con­cep­tion process too,” Dr Ju­lianah ad­vises.

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