Day 2

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Peanut But­ter on Toast Spread 1 tbsp re­duced­fat peanut but­ter on 2 slices toasted whole­meal bread. Wash down with one cup of black cof­fee sweet­ened with two cubes of su­gar. (275 calo­ries)


Shrimp Tem­pura Bento Box Or­der one reg­u­lar shrimp tem­pura bento box con­sist­ing of one cup of brown rice, shrimp and veg­gie tem­pura, and one bowl of miso soup. (514 calo­ries)

Fruit Snack

One medium peach (38 calo­ries)


Fish and Sweet Pota­toes Skin and pan-fry a 150g snap­per fil­let un­til golden-brown. Boil 1 cup diced sweet potato in salted wa­ter un­til ten­der. For the sauce: Fry cup diced onions and 1 clove minced gar­lic and add 2 tbsp oys­ter sauce, 1 tbsp soya sauce and 1 cup wa­ter. Sea­son then thicken with corn­starch. (650 calo­ries)

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