Day 1

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Char Siew Pau One medium-sized bun and a cup of soya milk with half the su­gar added. (481 calo­ries)


Cobb Salad Have 1 cup mesclun leaves with cup diced cu­cum­ber and cup cherry toma­toes. Add 100g steamed chicken breast, 2 strips crushed roasted ba­con and cup cubed feta cheese. Driz­zle 1 tbsp blue cheese dress­ing on top. (540 calo­ries)

Fruit Snack

One medium pear (96 calo­ries)


Dry Fish­ball Noo­dles One bowl of yel­low egg noo­dles with fish­balls, fish cake, chye sim, and chilli sauce. (370 calo­ries)

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