Day 8

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Fish Con­gee One large bowl fish con­gee with chopped spring onions and fried dough frit­ters. (306 calo­ries)


Fruit Snack


Grilled Cheese Sand­wich Put to­gether 2 slices whole­meal bread, 2 slices ched­dar cheese, tomato slices, 1 tbsp may­on­naise and 2 tbsp salsa (avail­able at Cold Stor­age). (411 calo­ries)

Half a cup of guava (78 calo­ries) Steak with Herbed Ital­ian Tomato Sauce Sea­son 180g lean steak with salt and pep­per, and sear in a pre­heated pan with peanut oil. Heat 2 tbsp herbed Ital­ian tomato sauce for the steak. Serve with 1 cup salad leaves and 1 cup steamed car­rots. (700 calo­ries)

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